This Teacher Was Pushed Too Far by a Student Who Decided to Throw Down… The Next Thing the Kid Knew, he Was on His Back…

Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs in the world right now. Society has changed a lot and it’s much harder to deal with kids who act out. Back in the day, there was more respect for authority, because authority would literally hit you for messing about. Now we’re not advocating violence towards kids, but it’s definitely true that it’s much harder to maintain control over classes in the modern world.

Sometimes it must be so tempting for teachers just to hit their cheeky students a slap, but they have to take a deep breath and maintain self-control. But what do you do when a student turns violent? You’ve got to come to terms with the fact that any physical reaction could get you hit with a lawsuit.

Well, unless you’re the teacher in the video below, who could not care less and went full WWE after he was attacked by a student. That’s one way to react.

Violent Reaction

This video was captured somewhere in the US – we don’t know where, but the accent is unmistakable. It’s unclear what exactly caused the teacher and the student to get angry with each other, but the tension is clear from the beginning. Then it gets physical after the student bumps his chest into the teacher. The teacher responds by pushing him back.

Then it escalates when the student decides to throw punches. Big mistake, because the next thing he knows, he’s flat on his back after the teacher picks him up and smashes him onto a desk. The kid is stunned for a moment, as he processes in his mind what has exactly happened.

Screenshot: Youtube.

Crazy Moment

None of the students was expecting the chaos that began to unfold. The teacher clearly loses control of himself. While the teacher is entitled to protect himself, he probably shouldn’t have started beating down on the kid after. The student’s fellow classmates wade in to try and break the brawling pair up.

It’s really a crazy piece of footage. More kids can be heard screaming as the violence erupts in the classroom and just escalates uncontrollably. The student who started it is clearly pretty tough – even if he’s dumb – because he gets back up and comes at the teacher again.

Screenshot: Youtube.


It’s definitely a crazy and unexpected reaction. The teacher is obviously reacting in self-defence initially but goes too far. Should he have tried to remain professional and backed away from the student, getting the school security (if there is any) or other teachers to help him defuse the situation. Probably. This video going all across the Internet probably isn’t going to do his job security any good.

It’s a pretty epic moment though. You’ve got to appreciate when someone just shows that they’re human and shows a little s**t exactly what happens if you mess about with the wrong person. The kid got taught a violent lesson. But that’s life.

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