When you think about action movie stars who can fight in real life, there aren’t that many. Obvious examples that come to mind are UFC fighters like Georges St-Pierre, but their primary profession is combat and not acting.

Before the UFC, and even mainstream mixed martial arts, who was there? Steven Seagal is undoubtedly a tough guy on screen, but has been debunked numerous times in real life. Donnie Yen from the ‘IP Man’ movies certainly has a reputation for being a hard man when the cameras aren’t around.

How about Jean Claude Van Damme?


Jean Claude Van Damme

Starring in box office hits Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Universal Solider and Hard Target, Jean Claude Van Damme was a hit with movie fans in the 1980’s-1990’s. What few people will know about JCVD is that he does more than just act.

As well as studying ballet as a youth, Van Damme was also a tidy amateur kickboxer. Jean Claude Van Damme’s history with fighting has been massively debated over the years. Many fans are under the impression that Van Damme’s athleticism is purely from his ballet training.

Film and Television

Van Damme CAN Fight

Jean Claude Van Damme’s kickboxing record stands at 18-1 wit all 18 wins by knockout, and an amateur record of 44-4. To say he learned his moves during his time at ballet school is just pure rubbish.

Although Van Damme is still starring in movies, he isn’t the Hollywood superstar he once was. Struggles with drug addiction saw ‘The Muscles from Brussels’ shy away from the limelight for many years.


Kickboxer Vengeance

JCVD is starring in the upcoming Kickboxer Vengeance film. Starring Cain Velasquez, Georges St-Pierre, Rory Nelson, Gina Carano and many others, the remake of his 80’s classic looks to be a hit.

As a result the always popular Van Damme has been doing the rounds. Most recently he appeared during a demo on stage, and things got a little out of hand…

Continue to watch the video of Jean Claude Van Damme putting a rowdy fan in his place…

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