Everyone is Starting to Get a Little Bit Excited Now We’re Moving Closer to Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagamedov…

There’s been very little promotion for Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagamedov, at least by the standards that we are used to when the Irishman is involved. For his megafights against Floyd Mayweather, and his previous match-up with Jose Aldo, he went on world tours to promote his upcoming battles.

The pair is due to fight on October 7, in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena. They are finally set to come face-to-face at a press conference next week – the location of which has not been disclosed – and no doubt the hype train will finally take off.

In the meantime, fans have been filling in the gaps. Below is a spectacular video, which is basically a fake movie trailer, promoting the fight between two massive rivals. It’s definitely worth the watch. Spoiler: it’s got Vladimir Putin in it.


Truly Dramatic

Nevermind Conor McGregor throwing a dolly at a bus: this footage has tanks and guns in it. It’s truly badass, with great editing. Gelling together some of McGregor and Khabib’s best moments on camera, the drama begins with the Irishman traveling to Russia at the request of Vladimir Putin.

This video is great because it manages to hype up and cast doubt on both men. We know they’ve both got flaws – Khabib’s ability to cut weight down to 155 safely and successfully – and McGregor’s ability on the ground against a top-drawer wrestler.

Fight Camp

Both men have also been releasing increasing amounts of footage and images from their training camps, to give the fans an insight into what they’re working at and pretty much to get everyone excited. It’s working. Let’s not even pretend that we’re not hyped.

UFC President Dana White has admitted that the UFC should probably have done more promotion for this event, especially since he’s claiming it’s going to be the biggest MMA event of all time. That prediction may not come to pass, but it’s still set to be a major event. A Conor McGregor fight is a major event. The comeback of ‘The Notorious’ is an occasion.


With only 23 days to go until the big night, this one is going to be white hot by the time it arrives. Sometimes, we almost get pre-fight fatigue before the fight because so much drama has been shoved in our faces. Maybe less is more and we’ll get quality over quantity.

The most important thing is that the fight matches the level of expectation surrounding it. Almost nobody is expecting it to go the distance. Most people believing that Conor McGregor will knock Khabib out in the first couple of rounds, or that ‘The Eagle’ will take him down and dominate the rest of the fight.

Who’s excited?

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