This was the real fight of the night…

UFC 205 went down this past Saturday, and it was a seriously crowd pleasing evening. Featuring some of the best talent in the UFC today, the promotion put all their eggs in one basket.

Looking to thrill in their New York debut, the UFC put on a show that has reportedly shattered all pay-per-view records. Obviously the main attraction for fans was the lightweight title clash between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor.


McGregor Starched Alvarez

Making history as the first champ to hold two UFC belts at once, McGregor laid Alvarez out like a cheap rug. Talented and dangerous as he is, Alvarez literally stood no chance against the Irish phenom.

That wasn’t the only great fight of the night though, as cameras in the crowd captured an epic battle. This young Conor McGregor fan got kicked out of the arena right before McGregor did his walkout. Gutted!


Watch The Video Below

Not only that, he got a beating from three old dudes, and the guy on the far left used 12-6 elbows, currently illegal in the UFC.

You can watch the video of these three old age monsters battering the young drunk Irish fan on the youtube player below:

YouTube video

Kinda funny that the tune playing in the background is House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around.’ McGregor’s win in New York sets him up with tons of new options in terms of opponents, but he’s already taking stick from angry fans.

Social media erupted with fans saying McGregor was already trying to avoid a Jose Aldo rematch. Also well deserving of a fight, lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov blasted McGregor for being a ‘chicken.’

Whatever the case, fights at featherweight, lightweight and even welterweight again are possible. Check out this cool video of Conor McGregor’s best trash talking moments in the UFC:

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