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Getting landscaping service in Vaughan from a reputable contractor is something that will have your yard looking fresh and appealing in no time. One of the most common things that prevent people from investing in a backyard landscaping project is the budget. Home renovation projects and landscaping projects can end up costing a lot more than people initially think.

What people might not know is that there are certain ways that you can give your backyard a makeover without draining your bank account dry. Here are some tips to have your backyard looking beautiful on a budget.

Garden Edging

If your budget isn’t huge and you’re wanting to have your backyard still making a bold statement, garden edging stones are a great way to do just that. Garden edging stones can be effectively used to combine the greenery and living areas into a landscape that will look and feel satisfying.

These stones can create a focal point that appears clean and organized in any backyard you add them to.  In addition, you can also think about including flower beds and planters around your garden edging stones. Doing this can lower the amount of time that you spend on maintenance in your yard. Consider using mulch to create borders surrounding the garden.

Concrete Stones And Walkways

It’s always nice to incorporate a walkway in your backyard. Walkways just make things feel more organized and today, and having a walkway also prevents people from walking in areas where they shouldn’t be walking. That means your plants and flowers won’t get trampled on every time you have guests over. A walkway is a budget-friendly way to connect the backyard with your home in an aesthetically attractive way.

There is a wide range of different types of steps and paving stones that you can use for your backyard. Contact the landscaping contractor that’s providing your landscaping service in Vaughan for more information on what kind of slabs are available to create a walkway with.

Fire Pit

If you’re the type of person that enjoys having guests over, a fire pit is a budget-friendly way of creating that relaxing glow that many people love. Cozying around a fire on a cool summer night with some friends or family members is something that will have people wanting to return to your home many times in the future.

Fire pits are extremely straightforward to install and you can use them throughout every season of the year. Fire pits also increase the resale value of your home, so if you’re considering selling your home in the future, installing a fire pit can be seen as an investment instead of just another added expense.

There are many different fire pits available on the market. If you don’t want to spend much time customizing your own fire pit, you can easily just purchase a ready-made one that’s good to go on day one.


Lighting is a landscaping element that will have any backyard looking more aesthetically appealing. The ambiance throughout the evening hours will always have people making comments as they walk or drive past your home. String lights and patio lights are an affordable way to increase the glow around your home.

Outdoor lights also increase the safety of your backyard during the night. No one wants to be trying to navigate through their backyard while tripping over objects and obstacles. Some people also consider certain lighting techniques to fend off potential intruders.

Plants And Furniture

Getting the right plants and furniture are two things that will have your backyard looking and feeling much more relaxing and comfortable. This is where people can really get creative. Some people like to get antique-looking furniture that will compliment their backyard, while others like to get more modern-looking elements.

Consider investing in some perennials that will continually grow year after year. This can have your outdoor area looking lush and fresh. Think about getting some backyard couches and chairs so that you can spend more time relaxing in front of your new plants.


If you have a concrete walkway in your backyard that is starting to fall apart, consider switching things up a bit by getting some slabs instead. There are a number of different options that you can consider, each with its own set of benefits. Many of the slab options are:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to salt that’s used for de-icing the walkway
  • Covered by warranty
  • Decorative

If you have a pool in your backyard, slabs are a good way to have it look more unique. Slabs add a lot of personality to a yard, and if you’re wanting to express a bit of that, consider including them in your landscaping service in Vaughan.

Backyard Kitchen

Getting a backyard kitchen is another way to increase the appeal of your backyard on a budget. A backyard kitchen will also increase the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell it in the future. Who doesn’t like relaxing in the backyard with friends and family while cooking a meal on a summer day?

Another budget-friendly thing to consider for your backyard is a waterfall. The relaxing sound of a waterfall is enough to put anyone into pure relaxation mode, and they don’t have to cost a lot. Think about incorporating the elements of nature in your backyard in a way that will have it looking and feeling refreshing and cozy.

Finding a contractor for landscaping service in Vaughan isn’t’ something that should add to the stress in your life. If you’re growing tired of looking for one that can fulfill your vision, reach out to Avanti Landscaping. They have a lot of passion for their work, and when people care about what they do, they usually do a very good job of it. Upon selecting them to be your landscaping contractor, their professionalism will become very apparent.

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