Katie Taylor, one of the biggest names of all time in female boxing lit up the sporting world when she became a professional boxer. After she won Gold in the Olympics, Taylor went on to become an Irish legend, and when she decided to become a professional, the world started to fall in love with her too.

She is gently spoken, extremely focused, very religious, and an incredible fighter. She has won all of her 17 professional fights, six of which ended in a knockout. However, Katie is now 35 years old, so many are expecting her to hang up her gloves in the next few years. Although it is unlikely, some have suggested that Taylor might be interested in swapping boxing for MMA.

Why would Taylor join the UFC?

A lot of times Taylor steps into the ring, very few fighters are able to take her punches. She is so fast and powerful, most boxers find it difficult to keep up with her. When Taylor was growing up, in most areas in Ireland girls were not allowed to box. So Taylor’s father would tie her hair back and dress her up to look like a boy so she could fight competitively. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, and many folks in the boxing world reckon she would love the challenge of competing in the UFC.

However, MMA is very different from boxing. Many wonder how Taylor would react to the different skills and techniques that are used in the UFC. She has a boxing background, and according to reports, she has never trained or been involved in any other types of combat sports. Although she did represent her country in soccer, she opted to focus on boxing instead.

However, the UFC knows a lot about Talyor, and they understand if they could lure the Irish lady into the sport, then the chances of them making a lot of cash from her fighting is highly likely. As we all know in the MMA world, money talks and some of the promoters have deep pockets. However, it doesn’t seem like Taylor is motivated by money.

The Conor McGregor Connection

Whether you like him or not, Conor McGregor is a worldwide superstar. He is the only fighter in the UFC that is a household name across the globe. Although Taylor and McGregor know each other, they have very different personalities.

While McGregor flaunts his cash at every opportunity he gets, Taylor is focused on her training. McGregor loves to post videos of himself threatening fellow fighters and celebrities, while Taylor posts pieces from the bible and wishes her opponents good luck.

They don’t even sound like they are from the same planet, not to mention the same country. But McGregor knows what works for him, and he is focused on making as much money from the UFC and his other business interests as quickly as possible. The UFC knows how valuable McGregor is to the sport, and many are hoping to get Taylor on board to follow suit. There are plenty of people around the world, especially in the United States that have Irish heritage. A lot of them have become big Conor McGregor fanatics, and many feel if Taylor went down the same road she could generate similar interest.

Would Taylor Succeed in the UFC?

It is very difficult for boxers with little to no experience in other combat sports to compete in the UFC. Just because someone is the best in one sport, doesn’t necessarily mean they will succeed in another. Taylor was a professional soccer player and is a professional boxer, but the UFC is a completely different sport. There is no doubt that Taylor wouldn’t have the right mentality, but many wonder whether or not she could battle experienced MMA experts.

However, Taylor has a reputation for winning boxing fights, even when the odds are against her. Those who like to play Live Roulette and gamble on sports rarely bet against the Olympic hero. Betting on UFC fights and boxing fights is extremely popular these days, and there are plenty of sites like this online kaszinó that allow you to bet on all combat sports. Those who have followed Taylor’s wonderful career would struggle to bet against her, no matter what sport she is competing in.

Will Taylor ever Step into the Ring with Chris Mannix?

Chris Mannix is one of the biggest names in the MMA world, and Taylor was hoping to take on the champion fighter in 2020. She always said she is happy to jump in the ring with any of the best fighters on the planet, even if they are an MMA expert. Taylor also expressed her feelings about stepping into the octagon, by saying that she hoped the fight would take place in a ring and not a cage.

Mannix said that she dreams of stepping into the ring with Taylor someday. She was granted her boxing license in 2019, and for years she has trained and studied Muay Thai boxing. Just like Taylor, she is a fearless competitor and many see her as one of the best female MMA fighters ever to fight inside a cage.


Although it is highly unlikely that the Irish queen of boxing will ever fight in the UFC, fight fanatics all over the world can keep the dream alive. If she was to make the crossover, there would be a long list of big names willing to take her on. Who knows, she might even get McGregor and his crew to help her train.

One thing is for sure, anyone who steps into the ring or cage with Katie Taylor better be ready. She is one of the fattest fighters on the planet, and she packs power in her punches. Taylor is adored in her country, so you can expect thousands of screaming fans showing up at the event. Unlike McGregor, Taylor is loved by people of all ages throughout the Emerald Isle.

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