Where are our gaming geeks at? We are on our venture of recounting the tips and tricks for the hunt of best retro games, hop right in if you wish to know it all too.

Retrogames refer to the games from the 1980s and 1990s. Those who indulge in such games are often referred to as Retrogamers in the UK and classic gamers or old School gamers in the United States. These games were created for systems that are not supported by their developers anymore. They were used to be written for the MS-DOS system and also consoles like Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. But, with the advancement in technology and all this revolution happening around, you don’t have to miss the old times thinking if only you could get your hands on a videogame from your childhood days -because now, you can play your favorite games from the past in the present!

Many of the old games are now emulated and the process has now become much simpler. The trend of playing retro games has been in fashion for a long time. It doesn’t sideline the newer games being created. Those are widely played too but the former ones draw the 80s and90s kids like none other, hitting their weakest point–nostalgia.

Gamers just do not buy different games for the purpose of playing but also for the sake of collection. Many love to possess games that they don’t really like. This craze of playing and collecting old games keeps the gaming industry in full swing.

If you are an avid gamer and a game collector, the tips and tricks below will make the choice easier for you.

Analyze Your Choice

Before anything else, you first need to shortlist a few games which are your most favorite or are either trending. This is for when you have just started and want to stay within your budget, thus can’t spend extravagantly.

Do Thorough Research

If you have no idea which ones are a must-buy, various search engines are there to your rescue. You can easily get to know about the ones popular among gamers along with the prices those are sold at. You can also check for the appropriate pricing of the one you have already made up your mind to purchase so that you do not end up paying extra. Research does not only help with the pricing but reviews from fellow gamers mark the authenticity as well, which you must check as several fake copies often are disguised as the original ones. Compare photos when buying online or ask the seller to prove authenticity any way when buying from a GameStop.

Which System Would Work Well For Me?

Before you purchase the games, you must ask yourself if the system you already have or you are going to buy any time soon, what you would connect it to? Would it work well with your CRT TV or HDTV? Search for the games which run best with the particular system you choose.

Infographic Source: Betway Online App

Look For Authentic Places To Buy Games

You can buy your favorite Retrogames from eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, Offerup, and many other sites as well as from Game stores, Thrift shops, and Garage sales. You need to act vigilantly when purchasing it either way.

When buying from the online platforms, look for their listings to see the ones that are trending among the gamers. Websites like Betway can be of great help. Go through reviews as well. Before bidding, make sure that the game you have chosen to buy is not ‘region locked’ (means that it can only be accessed via the system or console you are using in your region). Look out for fake copies. There might be some copies of games that are totally functional and not any different from the original ones but those would still be illegal; thus go for the original ones for the purpose of security as well as reliability.

Buying from physical means is fun to many. Coming across different gamers on shops also adds to one’s knowledge about various games, even if one doesn’t get to buy anything from the store. That keeps one motivated and keeps the interest alive. Stopping by a game store every other day for a while would also help you have a good connection with the seller, who might prove to be helpful in the future for genuine advice when you are purchasing a game and also keep you updated with the newest that’s in stock.

The intention of sellers at Thrift stores and Garage sales is often just to clear up the stock. You might generally come across the games all being sold at the same price. If you have enough to spend then buying in lots would be great. You might come across your favorites ones at far cheaper rates, keep the rest as your collection or you could even resell them to others.

Understand The Abbreviations On The Game

There are some abbreviations on a game that you must look out for before paying for one.

CIB—Complete In Box. This would mean that there is everything inside including the Disc/Cartridge, Manual, Case, Artwork for the case, and Inserts.

OBO—Or Best Offer. If you see OBO on the price list, that means that the price has the slight possibility of being altered and negotiated.

BNIB/BNIP—Brand New in Box/Brand New In Plastic. Could also be ‘sealed’ instead–the original manufacturer’s seal. As the name indicates, this gauge the originality of a game.

AS IS— This means that a game is in poor condition or is not at all functional. It may start, load to a certain extent but would soon then crash.

Since retro games are old and not in regular circulation in the market, getting your hands on original copies might not be as simple and straightforward. Following the tips and tricks listed above and taking the right factors in consideration can help you chose the right retro game for yourself.