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Are you a sports fanatic? Do you consider yourself a die-hard sports lover? Well, then, this article is for you! Of course, we all know that Kodi add-ons can be a hit or a miss, but since you are here, there is nothing to fear.

We have you covered. Kodi is a widespread streaming site used by many for its add-ons and builds features. Being one of the most popular streaming apps for cord-cutting entertainment services. So, whether you think Kodi Addons are safe or if they are legal or not, we have all the answers for you. 

First, let us talk about the important sports events live streaming like the NBA league or the FIBA. Next, you must know the best Sports add-ons to watch. You can easily add a plugin to your Kodi device and enjoy them until the last minute. 

Below we have listed some Kodi plugins for the sports fanatic in you.


When talking about Kodi Add-ons for sports, our number one pick would be the popular streaming channel ESPN. ESPN is a sports streaming giant. The platform provides updated sports information and has a vast selection of sports categories you can binge.

The add-on includes live broadcasts, Top videos, and past events.

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Football

FTA sports add-on on Kodi

The FTA sports add-on has many sports channels and live streams for sports fanatics to choose from. The add-on is mostly fighting-based, so if you are a fan of one-on-one wrestling and boxing, FTA is a must-have add-on for you. Streaming channels like. 

  • Channel fight 
  • Boxing
  • Bellator MMA
  • Fight
  • Fight Network
  • Fight sports
  • Glory Kickboxing
  • Impact Wrestling

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the options are endless. To stream safely and anonymously, we suggest you use a VPN or virtual private network to avoid throttling and keep your data safe when streaming.

UFC Addon

The ultimate fighting championship is a popular sports event with millions of followers around the globe. The international fan base of the championship is beyond real. Many users are tapping in to keep updating the most recent events and updates.

The series is broadcasted on selected networks and is locked in many regions. Therefore, if you want to know how to watch UFC on Kodi from outside the region, there is a way. But if you are placed in the permitted region, you can download them from the Kodi add-on option.

Sports HD Addon on Kodi

Being an excellent source of live sports events and live broadcasts, Sports HD is an Addon Kodi that includes popular sports shows like the NFL, UFC, Hockey, Cricket, volleyball, tennis, boxing, Chess, and whatever more you can think of. Navigating Kodi to download Sports HD to start streaming. The sports add-on includes MMA, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Hockey, and more.


Fubo TV is not just a popular sports streaming site but also has an app that can be streamed on Kodi via the Kodi add-on. Fubo TV offers a free trial and is a verified sports-based streaming platform.

With over 115 channels and DVRs, including ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, and more, Fubo TV is a fan favorite.

Apex Sports

The Apex sports add-on is a reliable Kodi sports option. Offering live streaming sports, replay, and highlights. With access to your local and archived sports events. However, the Apex Sports plugin is not officially available on Kodi, so you would have to download it from an external provider.

Be sure to use a VPN when streaming an external Kodi add-on. Since we don’t know the developer or if they track your data.


This is a live-streaming platform that also offers a live streaming Add-on on Kodi. The service has already been used by many subscribers to stream various sports broadcasts like Boxing, MMA, and fighting championships.

With DANZ, your streaming options are endless. The service is also very fast and provides top-notch video streaming.

Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan, like many add-ons on the list, is not officially available on Kodi. However, the sports streaming add-on has many options for streaming. Offering a variety of US-based sports like NBA, NFL, and NHL. Moreover, you can also watch soccer, wrestling, and many more. 

Now that we have sorted our list of the best Kodi sports add-ons, let’s look at some other things.

Is it legal to add these external add-ons on Kodi?

The licensing rights might not be visibility clear; however, these add-ons are not deemed illegal. 

Furthermore, you can access content available on the public forum if you fear you are overruling some legal regulations.

Rest assured, Where it does seem like they are distributing copyright content without permission. But work like this can be distributed without any legal ramifications.

To summarize, the user is responsible for all content accessed through add-ons such as the Mad Titan Sports Kodi Addon or UFC Sports.

For 100% legal and verified free streaming options, we suggest our list of live TV services below.

Wrapping Up

To wrap this up, Kodi is a popular streaming site with a great name when it comes to streaming sports. However, with unlimited sports add-ons, we suggest you be wise and choose one that is safe to stream.

Thus we compiled this list of the best Kodi sports add-on for the sports junkie in you. If you have any other queries, leave them in the box below. 

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