Andy Ruiz will fight Chris Arreola on April 24

The former unified heavyweight champion, Andy Ruiz (33-2) is looking to get back on the ring since his loss to Anthony Joshua. He will fight Chris Arreola (38-6-1) for his huge return.

Ruiz is famous for landing probably the biggest upset since Mike Tyson’s loss to Buster Douglas. In their fist fight, Ruiz was knocked down first but survived Joshua’s barrage of punch and at the same time landed a counter punch above the ear of Joshua. It led to Joshua’s balance diminished, Ruiz was picking his shots until knocking down Joshua a few more times which led to referee stopping the fight.

Anthony Joshua then exercised his rematch clause. In their rematch, Ruiz weighed a bit too heavy and may have played a factor for his slow footwork. Meanwhile, Joshua had a different game plan where he used his longer reach and height to win the fight round by round. Even though there were no knockdowns, Joshua clearly won the fight.

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After his loss to Anthony Joshua, he fired his training team and switch to Canelo’s team which is headed by Eddy Reynoso. His former coaches blamed Ruiz for not training in the rematch, which led to him being overweight on fight night. He was indeed overweight and could not close the distance. Fame and Money may have played to Ruiz’s loss.

Now Ruiz has reignited his fire, and changed to Reynoso’s team. Under Reynoso, he could not be lazy or dictate his training regimen since Reynoso implements strict rules and only his instructions are to be followed. If Ruiz decides to be lazy, Reynoso could just leave him.

A lot of great boxers are under him as well, fighters like Canelo (obviously), Ryan Garcia, and Oscar Valdez. Reynoso has been considered as one of the best coaches due to his game plan and executions that leads his fighters winning the fight.

Ruiz looks to be in tremendous shape as he cut a lot of excess fats. In his last fight, he could not move around the ring that fast plus his biggest asset was his chin and hand speed among bigger guys.

The question will be answered whether Ruiz’s win against Joshua was a fluke due to short notice replacement or did his out of shape factor in the rematch. This is not taking away Joshua’s brilliant game adjustment as he fought smart, he used his jab to keep distance and boxed technically.

Ruiz has a massive potential to win the belt once more but he needs to dedicate himself to training rather than focus on money and fame. He needs to stay hungry, even Tyson Fury said that Ruiz may look like a fat kid but he can fight. It will be exciting to see what version of Ruiz will show up against Arreola.

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