Andy Ruiz’s fight with Arreola is his road to REDEMPTION

Former unified heavyweight champion, Andy Ruiz is looking to have his comeback fight against fellow Mexican, Chris Arreola. Ruiz was the first ever Mexican heavyweight Champion, he shocked the world by beating Anthony Joshua on a short notice replacement fight. Ruiz needs to prove that he is no “Buster Douglas” that was a one hit wonder.

Originally, Ruiz was not even scheduled to fight Anthony Joshua, but due to Jarrell Miller testing positive for PEDs, Ruiz was offered on short notice. Obviously, Ruiz accepted since it is a chance of a lifetime win or lose, luckily he won.

In the fight, Joshua was not aware that Ruiz has a tendency to bait his opponent during brawl. Once Joshua got Ruiz hurt, he would try to go for the finish not knowing that he was just going to Ruiz’s comfort zone. Joshua underestimated Ruiz and got clipped above the ear that proved pivotal in the whole match since it disrupted Joshua’s balance the whole fight.

In the rematch, Joshua showed great adjustment but for Ruiz it was a huge disappointment. He came in overweight, which made him less mobile in the fight and he was not in shape to fight. Some say that fame and money got the best of him for the rematch that led to his loss. Although no one should take away how Joshua adjusted, where he used his jab and chose to box outside.

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Since his loss to Joshua, Ruiz has switch camps and is training under Eddie Reynoso who is one of the best coaches today. Reynoso is known to corner current pound for pound king, Canelo Alvarez. Reynoso has said that Ruiz needs to follow all Reynoso’s demand, otherwise he will leave Ruiz.

Now that the fight is booked for May 1, Reynoso has said that Ruiz has shown great growth and improved a lot which speaks a lot coming from Eddie Reynoso. Ruiz is still a talented boxer that just suffered a setback, he is now hungrier than ever.

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