Bobby Green is not taking seriously Paddy Pimblett’s callout. According to Green, the Briton knows that fighting him is a “bad fight,” so he suggested to Pimblett to take down the veteran Tony Ferguson first.

Pimblett called out Green during his interview on Energized Show, sharing his plans to fight ranked fighters after defeating Ferguson. According to the English fighter, he’s not expecting to be ranked after taking down “El Cucuy,” but he’s hoping to achieve this by winning over a fighter like Green.

The American, nonetheless, doesn’t think Pimblett is serious about the callout, explaining that the young fighter knows what a dangerous opponent he is.

“There’s no way he called me out,” Green said during the media day for UFC on ESPN 52. “Paddy know that’s a bad fight for him. He don’t want that. He’s just talking. He’s just talking, OK?”

Pimblett is set to face Ferguson at UFC 296 on December 16, but the former doesn’t seem thrilled about the fight, saying it is a “lose-lose” setup for him.

“This is a lose-lose situation for me because when I beat him, people are going to be like, ‘Tony was finished anyway,” Pimblett told ESPN earlier. “He needed to retire anyway.’ But if the unthinkable happens and I do lose, I’ve been beaten by a finished Tony Ferguson.”

Despite that, many fighters still believe that the older fighter can still beat Pimblett, with Brown testifying how Ferguson was not giving up in their last bout despite receiving a lot of beating. In the end, Brown said that Ferguson could still show the “warrior spirit” and defeat the young opponent. With this, Brown gave a condition to Pimblett to prove himself first and take down Ferguson.

“Until he starts walking, get through Tony, and we’ll talk,” Brown said. “We’ll talk after that. But Paddy don’t want that. It would be a bad fight for him.”

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