The top pound for pound of boxer, Canelo Alvarez will face Saunders in May but he has to go through Avni Yildirim on Feb 27. Alvarez will be coming in a heavy favorite and will likely win in a dominant fashion, but who knows maybe we could see another miraculous upset from Yildirim.

Saunders have not faced a real top middleweight contender that is of Canelo’s level, he now has a chance to prove to everyone that he is a legit boxer. Although there is no shame in losing to the pound for pound King but the problem the fans have is how to gauge Saunders’s level among the best.

After Canelo’s impressive win against Callum Smith, he vacated his other division belt and is pursuing to unify all the belts and become the undisputed super middleweight champion. Whoever Canelo fights in the division, he will likely be the favorite in all of them. What he did to Smith showed that he is just levels above his competition.

Hopefully, Canelo will have no injuries in his fight against Yildirim so that he can get back in the ring with no delay. Saunders is also undefeated, but will he remain undefeated when he faces someone as good as Canelo Alvarez.

If Canelo gets past Saunders, he will likely face Caleb Plant for another title unification. At this rate, Canelo is basically cleaning out the division. What is wrong with boxing is that there are too many champions, belts that we lack only one undisputed champion. One reason that this issue exist is because of money.

Tremendous respect for Canelo because even though he is the the A-side in most negotiations, he is still pursuing to build a great boxing legacy. Another quality that only few boxers have right now. The only person that could be comparable right now is Teofimo Lopez but he is not as big of a name as Canelo is right now.

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