Boxing is like no other sport, and while every fight is exciting in its own right, you have the chance to make things even more exciting by placing bets on it. However, if we just dive straight in and begin throwing punches, the likely outcome is that the bookmakers are going to knock us out and take our money. Below we shall give you some great boxing betting tips that you would do well to remember whenever you go to place a bet on boxing.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Boxing

Before the tips we are soon going to provide you with will be any good to you, you will obviously need to have an account with a bookmaker that offers plenty of markets and competitive odds for all the biggest and best fights taking place in the boxing world, such as one between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Now, us boxing fans have it pretty good as there are many boxing betting sites available to us, but who wants to register with an average bookie? Not us, that is for sure. Surely you want to spend your hard-earned money at boxing betting sites in the UK that are considered to be the best around. Thankfully, if you follow the link provided, you will find a quality bookmaker comparison site that we make use of when we are on the lookout for the best boxing odds. They have experts who have years of experience when it comes to sports lines betting, so they definitely know how to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

Great Boxing Betting Tips

Now that we have told you where it is that you can go to find all the best boxing betting sites, we are now going to give you some brilliant boxing betting tips that you really should remember whenever you go to place bets.

Choose Bets Carefully

Just because a sportsbook that you have signed up with gives odds for certain fights, you are not obliged to bet on them. If you want to be successful when boxing betting, you have to always remember that it is entirely acceptable not to put a bet on a fight, even if you feel there is plenty of value on offer. Learning how to control your betting urges is as important as you are being able to locate winners. Furthermore, a wise bet is much more than trying to win a particular amount of money if you guess right, it is more about your odds of being successful than the amount that you stand to make. In our view, it is a lot better to get small amounts of money repeatedly than to just randomly place a bet on an underdog and hope that you will win. If you do the latter, you will end up just losing money.

Always Find Value

To be successful when betting on a sport, you have to be ready to put in the hard work. Afterall, bookies are never going to offer you true value because if they did this then the probabilities that a bookmaker offers would be representative of the true probability of an outcome occurring. Instead, bookmakers try to ensure they have a small advantage over sports bettors via odds manipulation and betting margins.

The safest way that you can check the true value of boxing matches is to take a closer look at the fighters and then decide for yourself if the bookmakers have manipulated the odds in a such way that is actually beneficial for you. For example, some sportsbooks will overrate the best fighters or give a fighter high odds because of how old they are. By carrying out your own homework, it gives you the chance to create your own odds and practice spotting those value bets.

Keep Your Emotions Away from Your Bets

There are plenty of boxing fans that get attached to particular fighters, but we must stress that it is vital to let your brain do all the betting and ignore your heart. There could be a scenario where you enjoy the story that promoter spins about a fight, but you have to keep in mind that everything he is telling you is being said because he needs to sell tickets to the fight to get his commission – his words will not determine the winner of the fight. A solid story can definitely sell tickets to a fight, but the fight is won by the best boxer on the night. Thus, when you bet on boxing, you have to learn to detach yourself emotionally from your favourite boxers and bet wisely.

Watch a Lot of Fights

In order to be successful with your boxing bets, you have to find out all you possibly can for each fighter. The easiest way that you can achieve this is to spend time watching as many boxing bouts as you can. If you do this, you can learn all about the strong and weak points of the different boxers, which means that whenever you are searching for your next bout to wager on, you will have a thorough understanding about the fighter that should have an upper hand.

Social Media is Great for News and Information

Timing is extremely important regardless of whatever boxing strategy you decide to make use of. Bookies will always do their best to stay up to date with all the latest happenings so that they can alter their odds accordingly, but social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can give you a huge advantage over the bookies when it comes to valuable information and breaking news. Following promoters and fighters on the aforementioned social media platforms will allow you to stay privy to breaking news. For example, rumours such as a fighter performing poorly in training or feeling sick before a fight can give you the edge over the sportsbook, and you can quickly make a bet before the bookmakers get wind of it and change their odds.

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