boxing betting

Betting on boxing has become really popular, especially when it comes to major fights. With millions of boxing fans all over the world and regular fights being contested, betting on this sport is a great way to increase your bankroll. Below we are going to take a look at some of the different bets that you can place on a boxing match.

Best Bookies for Boxing Betting

Before we go ahead and take a closer look at the different types of bets that you can make when betting on boxing, we thought that we would first take the time to discuss the best boxing bookmakers. After all, you can know all there is to know about the different types of bets available, but if you do not have a sportsbook account, all that information is useless.

Furthermore, when you are signing up with a bookie, you obviously should be looking to open an account with one of the best around so that you can take advantage of great bonuses and competitive odds. The majority of bookies out there will offer their players markets for boxing, but many of these are average and who wants to open an account with an average bookie? There are so many great sportsbooks out there for betting on boxing that we should not have to settle for second best.

Many of the best places to bet on boxing are online bookies in Ireland because the Irish love their boxing, so the bookies have to offer solid odds because Irish punters know their stuff when it comes to this sport. According to the editor in chief of Irish online bookies comparison site Ms. Orla Byrne, says that “Irish punters can see when they are being mugged off and they will not appreciate it”. This is why we make use of Irish bookies when we are betting on boxing and you can too by following the previous link.

Different Types of Boxing Bets

Now that you know where you should head to in order to find the best bookies for betting on boxing, we shall now take a closer look at the different bets that you can place. So, without further ado, let us jump in the ring.

The Money Line

There are three different outcomes possible in any boxing fight, and this is either fighter to win or for the match to finish in a draw. With a money line bet, you are simply betting on which of these outcomes you think will happen. Below is an example to help make things clearer.

Let us say Conor McGregor is taking on Floyd Mayweather Junior. The former has odds of +400, the latter has odds of +500, and the draw is priced at +3000. With this match, if you decided to place $500 on Mayweather to win the fight, you would make a $100 profit if he went on to win – you would receive $600 back in total, but $500 would be your stake. If you decided to stick $100 on Mayweather to win, you would make a profit of $500. What is you put $100 on a draw? Well, in that case, you would earn yourself a crisp $3000.

If you are making use of American odds, then you need to remember that a negative sign indicates who the favorite is and how much money you are going to have to bet in order to win $100. On the other hand, a positive sign denotes the underdog and shows how much you will receive for every $100 that you stake.

Over/Under Rounds

As well as trying to predict who will win a fight, you can also bet on the number of rounds that you think a fight will last, giving over or under a line given by the bookies. Once again, below is an example to make things clearer.

  • Under 8.5 rounds – -140
  • Over 8.5 rounds – +120

If you believe that the fight is going to over quite quickly, you will bet on under and for every $140 you spend you will receive $100 back. If you have the opposite view and believe that the fight is going to be a long one, then you would bet on over 8.5, and for every $100 you stake you will see a return of $120. In most cases, if you go for under and the fight ends in that exact round, the first 90 seconds of the round will be counted as the first half, while the other 90 seconds will be counted as the second. For instance, if you bet under 8.5, and the fight finishes 40 seconds into round number eight, you will be a winner.

Fight Outcome

With this type of market, you have to predict the fighter that will win the match and their method of victory. For example,

  • Joe Frazier by TKO, KO, or Disqualification – +150
  • Joe Frazier by TKO or Decision – +200
  • Mike Tyson by TKO, KO, or Disqualification – +300
  • Mike Tyson by TKO or Decision – +450

With the above, if you bet $100 on one of the outcomes, then you will win the amount that is listed. Obviously, we must stress that you are not obliged to bet $100 on any of these markets – you can bet as much or as little as you like, and your profit margins will be adjusted accordingly.

Round Betting

In boxing, you will find two different types of round betting. There is grouped round betting, and with this bet, you have to try and predict that fighter that will win as well as the group of rounds they will win in. Below is an example to help clear things up for you:

  • Sugar Ray Leonard – Rounds 4-6 – +700

With this bet, you will receive $700 if you bet $100 and Leonard wins the fight in rounds 4, 5, or 6.

The other kind of round betting is where you predict a specific round that a boxer will win the fight in. Here you will get much better odds than in the rounds market that we just explained above as it is harder to get right. Let us give you another example:

  • Sugar Ray Leonard – Round 7 – +1800

Here, if you bet $100 on Leonard to win in round 6 and he goes on to do just that, you will receive $1800. On some occasions, a boxer will declare that they are going to win a fight in a certain round, and this will then become a popular bet. However, the good odds will not last long in this case, so you need to get in there quick.