Charlie Ward’s TKO Of Joao Carvalho Leaves Him In Critical Condition

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has another big fight ahead of him on July 9. This time the brash Irish striker will be facing Nate Diaz again, after losing to the Stockton based grappler at UFC 196.

‘The Notorious’ leaves the featherweight belt undefended for his UFC 200 rematch with Diaz, and now Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo will compete for the interim title on the same event. With so much on the line for McGregor in terms of his marketability but also his pride, he’ll need to be on point for the second bout with Diaz.


McGregor’s team mate Charlie ‘The Hospital’ Ward fought this weekend in a TEF National Stadium in Dublin, and Conor was there to watch and filmed by some fans in the video you’ll see later in the article.

Ward trains with Conor McGregr and coach John Kavanagh out of the Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, and this was his third professional fight. As it turned out, the bout has ended in some worrying circumstances.


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