Today it is zero incentives to play in traditional casinos with myriads of online places supporting blockchain technologies. Even if you are a bit skeptical about cryptocurrencies or gambling in general, it is worth trying, at least. Most of the crypto dice game websites offer trial games or free rounds with real prizes.

Moreover, it has some similarities to real stock trading, where you make a guess which asset will rise up in price. Here it is just a pure chance, but without information from insiders, the market can hardly be distinguished from a casino. Below you can find all the necessary tools to become a successful crypto dice player and multiply your tokens with a very high probability.

What is Unique about Online Dice

While most people are familiar with the traditional flow of a dice game, its online electronic version has some defining traits. The importance of knowing them cannot be underestimated as this knowledge increases the probability of winning. Utilize these mechanics to get the upper hand:

  • the dice are thrown not by an arrow but by an algorithm used it to play rounds faster;
  • learn which distinct features each BTC or EOS dice machine has in order to increase the odds of winning;
  • try different websites and games to find the best visual experience fitting your taste.

It was a huge jump in convenience coming to online games from table ones, even if the charm of «realness» was lost. Unfortunately, it would be pretty hard to spend your EOS on gambling seamlessly in a real casino. So it is time to find an online one instead!

Where to Play Safely

Thanks to crypto becoming the mainstream in the world of finances, the variety of options for blockchain dice games is breathtaking! Most of them are international without the annoying Know Your Customer policy which makes their count six digits. Pretty hard to choose the one, but not with that list:

  • Ignition;
  • mBit;
  • LasAtlantis;
  • Xbet;
  • Bitcoin Penguin.

This Top 5 has it all, from good user reviews to huge libraries of traditional gambling games, including dice. The registration there promises very lucrative prizes and even more promotions to pick later!

The Importance of a Storage

It is still a problem for many crypto enthusiasts to find a good place to store their savings. And we are not talking about traditional banks, only about trustworthy wallets. An account you have on any exchange is basically worthless when it comes to «ownership» of your money. All the BTC of ETH there is in possession of the 3rd party. Use these personal wallets to keep your tokens to yourself:

  • Safepal;
  • Copay;
  • Exodus;
  • Coinbase;
  • Jaxx.

Cold wallets should also be mentioned as the most secure alternative to any crypto storage option out there. They often have a form of a memory stick and offer a unique cryptographic key that is impossible to hack. Keep and spend your cryptocurrencies online, as finances must be moving in order to make profits!

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