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‘The King of the Streets’ Kimbo Slice, God rest his soul, was the first viral fighter the world experienced. He tragically passed away earlier this month from heart failure, and only then did we really appreciate the impact he had on the sport of mixed martial arts.

He was part of the first nationally broadcast mixed martial arts contest when fighting for Elite XC, eventually finding his way to the UFC. He was the first street fighting Youtube sensation to make it to the big leagues, and appeared on the popular reality series The Ultimate Fighter.


It turned out that although he’d never really trained at mixed martial arts before, there was a future in the sport for Kimbo, who’s real name was Kevin Ferguson. After losing to Roy Nelson on TUF, and going 1-1 in the UFC, Kimbo was cut from the promotion.

The season of The Ultimate Fighter that starred Kimbo is still the most viewed in UFC history. After a brief stint in professional boxing, Kimbo found his home at Bellator MMA, and was instantly their biggest draw.

But back to the point, where Kimbo came from was the streets, and he worked full time as security for the porno company ‘Reality Kings’ too. Some of his most brutal fights got over 10 million views on Youtube.

But perhaps you haven’t seen this one.

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