Floyd Mayweather is the richest athlete on the planet. Sure as it stands, he’s retired. But let’s be real, he’ll fight again. ‘Money’s’ last official appearance was a TKO victory over Conor McGregor. That was one of the most lucrative fights of all time.

The 50-0 boxer also had an exhibition match against Tenshin Nasukawa where he battered the life out of the Japanese star. However, he does want to fight again. Rematches against both McGregor and Manny Pacquaio have been mooted.

Khabib Nurmagamedov’s name has also been discussed. Mayweather and Dana White are talking right now about a potential collaboration. Do you think that this makes sense for the UFC? Also, when will ‘Money’ finally hang up his gloves for good?

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Same Night

First of all, Mayweather loves the headlines. It’s very difficult to believe a word that he says. In sum, he’s one of the biggest trolls in the world. However, he seems genuinely interested in some sort of arrangement with the UFC. Would a rematch with Conor McGregor make sense?

‘”I even talked about fighting Khabib and Conor in the same day,’ Mayweather told the Drink Champs podcast. “Khabib in the day and Conor at night. You pay one fee, probably $250 (£190), and you get both fights.”

Let’s be real: there’s no point Mayweather boxing Khabib. Just as there would be no point in Khabib wrestling Mayweather. Can we stop talking about this now, please?

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UFC President Dana White is optimistic about their talks. He believes that something will come to fruition in the near future. He’s trying to get his new Zuffa Boxing venture off of the ground and collaborating with Mayweather could be a massive way to help that.

“We’ll see what happens. The discussions are always ongoing. They never stop,” he said. “You know Floyd is going through money fast. He’s far from retired, and that rematch will happen at some stage.”

Mayweather runs through money like a husky through the snow. In sum, it’s definitely not out of the question. He’s also known to keep in shape all of the time. But at the age of 42, you have to wonder how long he can keep going.

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For his part, Conor McGregor definitely wants to box again in the future. In short, he wants the accolades and the money that would come with boxing. While many fans would complain about a potential rematch with Mayweather, a Pacquaio fight would offer something fresh.

“Talks have been ongoing,” McGregor said. “An aspiration of mine is to win a boxing world title. It would be a phenomenal feather in the cap and is something I will achieve.”

You’ve got to appreciate the sentiment. Of course, it depends on what you count as a title. Boxing hands out all sorts of titles these days with silver and international titles thrown around. In short, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get some sort of belt.

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