Giant Bully Humiliated In Public By Martial Artist

By Salvador Sanchez

You know you messed up when your girl has to step in to help you…

We love the bully beatdown videos circling the web nowadays, they are just satisfying to no end. It’s made even more intriguing when the victim is much smaller than the bully, as is the case with this video:

[flowplayer id=”2652″]

You know you got wrecked when your girl has to step in and protect you! This should be a lesson to the guy, who clearly thought he was able to intimidate the smaller man with his size, but never bet on the victim having martial arts training.

diaz vs mcg2

Talking of ‘bullies,’ Chael Sonnen recently accused UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor of being a bully. He also claims ‘The Notorious’ broke against Nate Diaz, when the Irishman got submitted by him at UFC 196.

On the topic of the UFC, has anybody seen how much of a badass their commentator Joe Rogan is? Skip overleaf to see him kicking ass.