Former UFC Champion, George St Pierre gave his prediction for one of the most awaited fight trilogy in recent memory. Even though GSP is known for his talent and skill-wise, he has one of the smartest minds in the MMA game. It is worth knowing what his predictions if you ever want to bet your money.

George St Pierre has known to have great insights, as well executing a great gameplan. He showcased it on his fight with Michael Bisping where they used Bisping’s injured eye to their advantage. GSP also mentioned McGregor is good in rematches but in reality he only has had 2 rematches which are Diaz and Poirier. Although in his defense, Diaz was an immediate rematch while Poirier took a few more years.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

UFC’s biggest star, Conor McGregor is looking to come back from a brutal loss. It was a loss that stinged McGregor more since it was via knockout in MMA. Many thought that McGregor’s only way of lossing was to a submission and that his stand up game is one of the best in the sport. Even prior to his boxing fight, Mayweather said that McGregor is undefeated standing up, that what the narrative in the build up of the fight.

In their rematch, McGregor showed huge improvements in his boxing. He even hit Poirier clean numerous times, even as far as to say Poirier admitting he was in trouble at a certain point of the fight. The only flaw was McGregor was too boxing oriented that he underestimated Poirier’s leg kick.

Now in their trilogy, will McGregor’s style change? What kind of adjustments will he do in order to beat Poirier? Dustin Poirier is also there to prove that in 155lbs, it is without a doubt his best version but it also to prove that he is the better fighter overall. The winner of this fight will likely face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight strap.

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