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According to Spoof Facebook Page, Conor McGregor Will Fight a Bus in Ireland’s National Stadium…

Conor McGregor could fight anybody in the world right now and he’d probably make millions of dollars. He remains the most marketable athlete in the world. This is despite all of his misdemeanors over the past year, which include attacking a Bellator referee, homophobic remarks, and throwing a dolly at a bus.

It looks like the buses could be about to get their revenge. According to a hilarious spoof event on Facebook, Conor McGregor will face the No. 40 Dublin Bus in Croke Park, Dublin on May 12. Thousands of people have clicked attending. Not going to lie – I’d go and watch it.

McGregor hasn’t fought in the Octagon since November 2016, when he took the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez. Since then the ‘Notorious’ has fought twice. He lost to Floyd Mayweather in a boxing event – because let’s face it, it wasn’t really a match – and had a no-contest against the UFC 223 media bus.

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Bus Fight

The bus fight is a hilarious parody created by Irish fans. Almost 6000 fans have clicked attending so far for the alleged event which they say will take place in Dublin’s Croke Park this month. As it’s an 80,000 seater stadium, there’s a fair chance you can still get a ticket. The event page says:

“McGregor & Posse‚Äôs next opponent has been announced as the number 40 Dublin Bus.

Since their incredible performance in New York, McGregor and Posse have searched far and wide for a worthy bus to fight that will help further their career in bus fighting and they believe that number 40 Dublin Bus is the the best route to take…

Tickets on sale now!”

YouTube video

Why Not?

Would it surprise you though? McGregor has almost become a parody of himself at this stage. If there was enough money involved, then Dana White would definitely book it. The UFC president denied that ‘The Notorious’ would ever fight Floyd Mayweather. Did it happen? Yes, and it was the highest grossing fight of all time.

Who knows, the bus could even be the new UFC star that the organization is desperately looking for. They need one. The problem with McGregor is that he’s incredibly unreliable but remains the only current mainstream star on the UFC’s books, since the departure of Ronda Rousey.

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Real Fight

In all seriousness, the Irishman’s next fight is most likely to be against Khabib Nurmagamedov, the new lightweight champion. The Russian was the target of McGregor and his team of goons bus attack and the pair have developed a toxic rivalry. It’s the fight everyone wants.

Dana White has stated that he also supports this match-up. However, if it does happen it will not take place in Russia as many analysts have speculated. No, it will be Las Vegas, the home of the UFC. The dream for the company would be for Nurmagamedov to break into the US market. However, if McGregor is charged in June, he might really be stuck fighting buses.

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