After the great win by Ryan Garcia against Luke Campbell, the interim WBC Champion called out Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney. He made his promise that if he gets past Campbell, he wants to fight Tank Davis. Garcia is not afraid and is willing to fight the best fighters in the division.

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He indicated in his interview that Davis is his number one priority and Haney can also be his next if the Davis fight cannot happen. Garcia knows that the most hype or attention he can get is fighting Davis since he is Mayweather’s prodigy. The fight will be the classic Team Mayweather vs Team De La Hoya once more. Mayweather always gets the better of these exchanges.

Garcia asked the audience in attendance who they want to see him fight next. Almost all of them shouted “We want Tank”, it is really a huge gap considering that Haney was also in attendance. It goes to show that Haney lacks the star power and popularity against the likes of Garcia and Davis.

There is no question that Haney is a good fighter, he just lacks marketability. Devin Haney is the current WBC lightweight champion so that means that Garcia is his mandatory challenger. The boxing politics could let it slide given how big the money can be generated in a Garcia vs Davis fight.

Haney has also been training under Mayweather, they did a video where Haney and Mayweather trained in the mitts but there is no question that Mayweather has taken Davis as his prodigy. In every fight that Davis is in, Mayweather is always there even on post-fight interviews.

Ryan Garcia could generate more money fighting Davis but it is his most dangerous fight. Garcia may have one of the fastest hands but he still needs to work on his defense. He has a flat-footed stance and Davis has a power that could knock his opponents out in one punch. Davis has 23 of 24 knockout wins which is insane considering they are in the lightweight. He is coming off a brutal knockout against Leo Santa Cruz.

Haney is more skilled compared to them but lacks power. He is more of a technician which is not a bad thing, he actually has more ways to win. The only bad thing is that if you lack knockout, you cannot attract casual fans to your fights. Haney is coming off a dominating win against Yuriorkis Gamboa. Gamboa is a boxing veteran but had no answer to Haney whatsoever.

The four young stars (Lopez, Davis, Haney, and Garcia) would make boxing more interesting if they collide. All of them are undefeated and have a belt around their waist, it would be exciting who would end up the undisputed king, as of now Teofimo Lopez is The Undisputed King.

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