ESPN’s #1 Pound for Pound fighter, Terence Crawford posted a tweet that he will be moving down to 135.

Terence Crawford used to fight at 135 during the early half of his career but eventually, the boxer decided to move up. The first belt Crawford won was the WBO lightweight belt and he then won the Ring. After defending his belt many times, he decided to move up to the light-welterweight division.

This light-welterweight division is where Crawford had the most success since he became the undisputed champion. Being the undisputed champion means holding all the major belts and no other champion holds the belt in the division.

He also fought the best in the division in the light-welterweight division, cleaning out the division. After becoming the undisputed champion, he then set his eye on the welterweight division.

Crawford faced Jeff Horn for his first welterweight title bout. He walked through Horn easily and gave a one-sided beating. Crawford won the WBO welterweight title and until now is defending the belt.

Ever since going to the welterweight division, Crawford has been fighting easy fights which he is always coming in as the heavy favorite of every bout. He has not fought the elite top contenders of the division which does not give him challenge anymore.

It only makes sense for Crawford to fight the other champions of the division. The two champions currently are Errol Spence Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. The question is if the boxing promoters will allow the fight to happen.

If Crawford can’t find a title unification fight, he could still fight top contenders that are the current top in the division. Guys like Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, and Keith Thurman are tough contenders that could give Crawford some threat.

After beating Kell Brook, Crawford set his eyes on Manny Pacquiao as his next potential opponent. Bob Arum then agreed, saying that he could fight both Errol Spence and Manny Pacquiao.

Bob Arum then called out Crawford for making the Top Rank lose money promoting him. Arum then said that he could have bought a beautiful house with the money he lost promoting Crawford. The disputes between the promoter and boxer started. Crawford eventually demanded Arum to be released from the promoter.

Manny Pacquiao has not yet announced his next fight, his last fight was against Keith Thurman where he won the WBA welterweight belt. Pacquiao recently congratulated Errol Spence’s winning performance against Danny Garcia.

If Crawford moves down, he could potentially fight a talent stacked division. Big names like Lomachenko, Lopez, and other rising prospects are fighting in that division.

But fans are doubtful if Crawford will move down due to his natural size. It has proven time and time that moving down could hinder the boxer’s performance. The weight cut prior to the fight takes a toll on the body that might slow the fighter.

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