After announcing that the exhibition match will happen officially, Dana White was asked about his opinion of the event. He said,

“When people ask me, “What’s the state of boxing right now? That’s where it’s at. Didn’t that kid get beat up by the F$#king video game kid from England, and now he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather?”

The state of boxing has actually gotten worse in terms of competition. Due to many boxing promoters, some of the best don’t fight the best. The fights that fans really want to see won’t happen or will happen but too late sometimes.

Dana White leads the UFC in terms of matchmaking, there is no tune-up fight in UFC. They follow a ranking system where the best must fight top contenders. In boxing, the champion can choose an easy opponent that is on a skid since there are many promoters.

In the UFC, the fighters hold a contract with a certain number of fights to get. There are pros and cons in both the UFC and boxing.

In terms of fighter’s pay, the top boxers earn a lot more compared to top UFC fighters. If we compare, fighters like Jon Jones and Conor Mcgregor to the pay of someone like Canelo Alvarez and Deontay Wilder, the boxers have a higher payday.

But the fights that boxing makes just lacks competition where the top boxers need to stay undefeated to stay relevant. It is in their own mind to follow Mayweather’s footsteps to retire undefeated so they pick lesser risk fights. This is the thinking of the rising stars that should be corrected.

Manny Pacquiao has had losses in his career yet people love to see him fight since he is entertaining in his own rights. Oscar De La Hoya who was the PPV King prior to Mayweather also had losses in his career throughout.

What is wrong in boxing is that this exhibition match could potentially break records with just a retired boxer and a Youtuber who just started boxing.  Some Professional boxers who were training since they were young could not even compare their total career earnings to the single payday of the Youtuber.

Although people need to commend Floyd for taking a risk-free fight that gives him the highest payday, while Logan Paul has a huge following on his social media. The boxing community hopes that the fight could help lead new casual fans to watch more boxing.

Meanwhile, Dana White has said that his plans to make Zuffa boxing will be put on halt for the moment. White has been a huge fan of boxing even though he is an MMA promoter so he still plans to make it but the plans will be delayed for now.

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