WATCH: People Are Saying This Fighter is Conor McGregor’s Clone

By Dazzler

The Resemblance is Ridiculous… Not Just in Appearance but Also in Fighting Style and Body Mannerisms… Meet Conor McGregor 2.0 From Germany…

Conor McGregor is not just a mere MMA fighter. He’s also a cult of personality. Everything about the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion is unique. The way he enters the cage, his karate-based stance, his probing front kick and missile of a left hand.

Or so we thought. It might be an unusual way to get famous, but a fighter in Germany is being called ‘Conor McGregor’s clone’ because the resemblance is absolutely ridiculous. We’re not even kidding here. They’re so alike, Michael Chiesa has already tried to sue him.

Watch the footage below of German fighter Maurice Adorf and try to deny that there’s something weird going on here. Maybe the woman whose filing for a paternity test from McGregor really did get mixed up. This is uncanny.


When we think of fighters using their appearance to boost their profile, we naturally mostly think of the hot females. However, Maurice Adorf has gone in a totally different direction by basically becoming a Conor McGregor parody. Look at how he raises his hands before entering the cage, and the way he keeps warm by throwing some spinning back kicks towards the fence.

Then, when he finally engages with his opponent, he holds his hands high, exactly like ‘The Notorious’ and probes with the front kick, while looking for the finish with the big left hand. Then when you add in the tattoos and grooming, and it’s like someone has literally just churned out another McGregor from a laboratory. Adorf improved his record to 2-0 with his impressive parody.


Before you get too excited about this performance, it should be noted that the promoters of the event – GMC 18 – were also Adorf’s coaches. His opponent was basically handpicked for him to beat in front of a crowd. All of a sudden his win is about impressive as McGregor claiming to have landed the last punch at the UFC 229 brawl.

Speaking of which: there was even a fake Khabib Nurmagamedov at the event. We have no more words.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Deal With It

Maybe McGregor will see his doppleganger on the internet and get him to deal with some of his mounting problems. As well as facing numerous civil suits for the Brooklyn bus incident back in April – cough, Michael Chiesa, cough – he’s also dealing with allegations of fathering a child after cheating. You know, sort of like Ali Abdelaziz did.

Terri Murray has accused McGregor of cheating on his girlfriend with her four weeks before Dee Devlin gave birth to Conor Jr. Pictures of the pair getting intimate have gone viral across the internet, with McGregor appearing to slip his hand up Murray’s skirt in his hotel room.

At least he’ll be free to fight again in April. There’s always some drama when it comes to ‘The Notorious.’ Adorf should be careful who he emulates. He might end up in a jail cell.