Youtube sensation, Jake Paul just posted on his Twitter that he is now retiring from the sport after his 4th pro win inside the boxing ring. It may come to a shock that he is retiring since he just said that he is willing to have a rematch against Woodley or even fight guys like Tommy Fury or McGregor.

Some are also speculating that the post is just a marketing ploy to get other people’s attention and that he will announce that he will return within a few months. A lot of past fighters have done this strategy to make the comeback an even bigger fight.

It was also the first time Jake Paul faced adversity inside the ring when Woodley landed a picture-perfect punch that put Paul on the ropes but Woodley somehow did not go for the kill. Paul also looked exhausted but somehow got a second wind in the later rounds, which just shows that he is not just a Youtuber but also a fighter.

Another reason might be because Paul wants to have a perfect unblemished record, and not risk getting knockout inside the ring. It is certainly a great time for Paul to retire, he is already making millions outside the ring, and finishing off a win over a former UFC champion is a great achievement.

Should Jake Paul keep on fighting the ring or should he retire from the sport for good? Many will still say that he is not a real fighter but he has proven in his last fight that he could survive adversity and also come up with his hands raised. If he continues boxing, who should he fight next?

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