The trolling from Jake Paul is just something, just a day ago he posted a tweet he is a retired boxer, now he is coming out of retirement. Many people hate him and want to see him lose but he knows how to market himself and attract people to watch his fight.

Many are saying a Jake Paul fight is a retirement package for old veteran fighters and it shows. Both Woodley and Askren just got their highest fight purse in a boxing match. Yes, they put their name on the line and legacy but the purse is just too tempting not to take it. At the end of the day, MMA and Boxing are totally different.

Speaking of Paul unretiring, Paul has come on to say on record that he is willing to give Tyron Woodley a rematch if Woodley inks the “I love Jake” tattoo. Woodley said he is willing to do it, and also is willing to ink another if he loses in the rematch.

Who do you think should Jake Paul fight next? People are saying that he should fight a real boxer to know where he is at but who could blame him? He is making more money than a boxing world champion, and he is choosing the opponents as well.

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