With many of the MMA fighters transitioning the sweet science of Boxing, one boxer that has beaten two former MMA champions is none other than Youtube sensation, Jake Paul. In an interview, Jake Paul has said that Silva has been his hero but if they somehow clash, it will be different since he is getting better every day


Paul is confident that he could beat Silva in a boxing match, and fans want to see this match-up. Of all the MMA legends that deserve to get a massive payday, it is Silva, mainly because of his legendary run in the UFC and many young fighters had Silva as their inspiration to take up MMA.

There were a lot of all-time great fighters that idolized Silva, Fighters like Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, Conor McGregor, and many more. It was unfortunate that Silva’s last few fights were brutal losses, from getting injured, brutally knocked out, and never got to formally retire. The UFC cut Silva mainly because of his high pay and tough losses.

Now, Silva decided to get back into boxing, he had one pro loss in his whole boxing career and it was back in 1998. Such a long year and during that time, he was still 23 years old. Silva faced Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for his second official pro boxing fight. Chavez Jr is known as the son of Mexican great Chavez Sr and he was also a WBC middleweight champion.

Silva ended up winning via decision even though it was ruled as a split decision, fans all thought that Silva won pretty decisively.

For his next fight, he fought former UFC champion, Tito Ortiz. Silva was expected to win as he was a heavy favorite to win. Ortiz came from a wrestling background so his striking is not really the best even by MMA standards. Silva got huge attention mainly because of the way he finished Ortiz, it was a picture-perfect counter that put Ortiz to sleep.

Oritz fell to the ground brutally, and Silva did a savage walk-off. Many boxers commended Silva’s great performance. Even Devin Haney said that Silva’s calling was supposed to be Boxing and not MMA which might be a little bit too far considering Silva had arguably the greatest UFC career one could ask.

As for a possible Jake Paul fight, it is certainly a great matchup. Many think that Paul is still not ready to fight a pro boxing champion, well Silva is a massive name. Silva has been known for his head movement and accurate strikes, will they be able to set up a Paul vs Silva fight, and who do you think should be the favorite going in?

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