If you watched the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight, you may have watched the co-main event. The co-main event featured Youtuber Jake Paul against NBA player Nate Robinson. Jake Paul had an amateur record and already had a pro debut, so the experience is obviously on his side.

Right at the start of the bell, Robinson rushed into action as if he doesn’t know what to do. Some people even said that he moves like a football player rather than a boxer. A boxer should pick his shots and not force but it showed that he did not belong in the ring.

Before the fight, Robinson said he needs to prove to everyone that an NBA player who is known for being athletic can transition to combat sport easily. Sadly that was not the case because he was outclassed everywhere that it was too embarrassing.

Robinson was actually the one who called out Jake Paul for the boxing fight, so Paul just accepted the fight. Not to take away from Jake Paul’s good performance, he actually showed to have the potential to be a decent boxer.

Jake Paul used feint and counterattacks to win the fight. The commentators even said that what Robinson was doing was a mistake and it is not a game.

The commentators are someone who truly knows combat sport. Israel Adesanya is known for his counterattacks and feinting so he knew better than anyone what was happening in the ring.

Another commentator was one of the greatest boxers, Sugar Ray Leonard who said what was wrong in the fight.

Paul landed only around 8 punches and knocked down Robinson 3 times so it shows what was wrong in the fight. Given the experience of Jake Paul inside the ring, Robinson just started training so he is not even an amateur level.

After the fight, the fight became one of the trending topics on social media. Many pro boxers and promoters said that why did the commission even allow the fight. Some said to respect the sport and not as a game.

Combat sport athletes are one of the most disrespected athletes given their field. For example, fans will say that a giant freak athlete can easily transition and beat up a small professional fighter which is not the case.

Martial Artists train for many years to perfect their craft, and technique always beats size in any sports. In Combat Sports, your health is at risk of brain damage while if you play other sports you may risk injury but that is not always the case. The goal of combat sports is to beat up the opponent so health is always at risk.

It was a mistake of CSAC to even sanctioning this as a pro fight given the lack of experience of Robinson. If they were to sanction it, they should have treated it as an amateur and use headgear to protect the boxers.

Let us hope that the commission should be more competent next time and this should serve as a learning lesson. They also need to improve their judges and referees to prevent boxing corruption or robbery.

The referee should have stopped the fight after the knockdown, his job is to protect the fighters.

One of the main points proved here is that combat sports is one of the most difficult sports and athletes should be respected in their field. This is not a game.



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