The wait is over and the fight delivered. Mike Tyson looked fast and sharp in his boxing. He looked a shade of his prime self. Roy Jones Jr. fought smart and stayed on the outside respecting Tyson’s power.

Mike Tyson came into the fight and pressed the action. He looked powerful and his endurance was impressive for his age. Even though the fight was 2 mins and 8 rounds it was still impressive given the ring inactivity of Mike Tyson.

The fight was really entertaining and got your money’s worth. It was nostalgic for old hardcore boxing fans seeing Mike Tyson’s attire and Roy Jones Jr’s unorthodox style.

Roy Jones Jr’s attire gave tribute to Kobe Bryant wearing the Laker’s color.

Mike Tyson fought in his famous Peek-a-boo style and it was good to see and Roy Jones Jr fought his hands down which made the fight more entertaining as it gave a risky feeling of getting knocked out. Both boxers gave the fans a good show.

Roy Jones Jr. fought his former style. He fought risky with his hands down and head open to get punched. Luckily his head movement and chin were in good condition.

All 8 rounds were used and went to the judge’s decision and it was ruled as a DRAW. Both boxers gave it all and were exhausted during the interview.

Mike Tyson was satisfied with the results since it was for the fan’s entertainment at the end of the day.

The co-main event was headlined by Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson. In the opening bell, Nate Robinson rushed his action and started aggressively. He was open to counterpunch and it was just waiting for it to get hit. Jake Paul due to his experience, was patient and timed it.

In the first round, Jake Paul landed a beautiful counter overhand in the upper ear side of Robinson that knocked him down flat but he still recovered. The referee gave him another chance to fight back.

In the second round, Robinson did not even adjust his gameplan and still fought aggressively. Jake Paul landed two counterpunches that sealed the deal. Robinson was knocked out cold and flat on the canvas. It really showed experience is everything in the sport.

The key of the fight was Jake Paul knew how to feint and counterpunch his attacks. Nate only fought coming forward without any good combos. In Robinson’s defense, this is his boxing debut so it was expected for his performance.

Jake Paul gave his respect to Robinson, and it takes guts to step inside the ring. Paul proceeds to call out many fighters and said that he intends to keep on fighting.

Badou Jack also fought in the card against Blake McKernan but it was a one-sided beating that led to a decision. Jack is a former boxing world champion and it showed that there are levels to the sport. Even though McKernan was undefeated he still lacked the resume to fight someone as good as Badou Jack.

Badou Jack was coming off a back to back loss but has now come back in the winning column. Blake McKernan thought that it was the time to beat Jack since he is coming off a loss and is out of prime.

The overall event was fun, there were fun commentators that featured Mauro Ranallo, Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

There were even concerts that featured the famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

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