After Mark Hunt was announced as Lesnar’s opponent at UFC 200, it leaked out that USADA had waived a rule that prohibits fighters from competing without first having been in USADA’s testing pool for four months. Hunt responded that Lesnar was “juiced to the gills”, and in the next few months we will find out if he was right about that.

It is pretty difficult to look at Brock Lesnar and not immediately suspect steroids. When asked Lesnar will never flat out deny ever taking PEDs. He’ll normally just repeat a red-herring, such as “I’m white boy and jacked, deal with it”, but he is hesitant to ever give a full denial.


Brock Lesnar Failed Drug Test

In Lesnar’s defence, it has become apparent that for most of the sport’s history a large percentage of the fighters have been on performance-enhancing drugs. Lesnar may have been “juiced to the gills” for some of his fights, but there is a good chance the guy he was fighting was too.

Lesnar tested positive for Clomiphene, which is an estrogen blocker. It is a bit of a tricky one, as it has been signalled out as being particularly prone for getting in the body without an athlete knowingly ingesting it.


What may be more of a factor than many people are talking about however, is the possibility that Lesnar falsified some of the USADA documents he is required to fill out.

Continue to read what documents Brock Lesnar may have falsified… 

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