UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor may not be the best fighter in history, but he is making an argument for being the most fearless.

“The Notorious” had stated previously that he did not need weight divisions.

He believes fighters should be able to go up and down in weight to face every challenge.

McGregor, who began his mixed martial arts career as a bantamweight, has gone up as high as welterweight. He currently holds the UFC’s 145-pound strap and on November 12th, he will challenge Eddie Alvarez for the 155-pound title.

Conor McGregor Boxing

Conor McGregor Could Fight Floyd Mayweather In A Boxing Match

Yet it’s not only MMA fighters who McGregor wants to trade punches with. Even athletes outside of MMA have been called out by the Irishman.

One man who just this year got his name thrown into the mix is pound-for-pound boxing icon Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Mayweather is an undefeated boxer with a professional record of 49-0.

He has defeated boxing’s biggest names including Oscar Dela Hoya, Arturo Gatti, Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

In the ring, he was virtually untouchable and very rarely challenged throughout the course of his career.

McGregor, who works with a boxing trainer as part of his regimen, believes his boxing skills are at par or even better than the world’s best boxers — Mayweather included.


McGregor Tells Mayweather To Get The Money Ready, Or He’ll Show Up At Mayweather’s House

The idea of a crossover bout between two stars of different sports intrigued Mayweather, who is not only a gifted athlete but also a crude businessman.

Mayweather, who retired last year, has mentioned in the past that there are certain scenarios he envisions himself making a brief return to the squared circle.

One of those special scenarios is if he and McGregor would be able to work out a deal to fight in the boxing ring.

Although the flames of interest for that fight were abruptly extinguished following McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, it apparently hasn’t deterred Mayweather from speaking to the media about doing it.

Mayweather recently mentioned to the media that he was still interested in making the McGregor bout. The Irishman, in turn, responded.

In the video you will see below, McGregor as usual tells it like it is and warns Mayweather to put his money where his mouth is.

“Floyd’s afraid of a fight. Floyd doesn’t want to fight. Floyd wants a boxing match,” said McGregor.

“I’ve already said, ‘No problem.’ Get my f***** money. And when you get my money, then we can box in this boxing match under a specific set of rules.

“If you keep dropping my name and you haven’t got the money down, I’m going to show up at your front door.

“We’ll see. Floyd does not want to fight. Floyd wants a match under a specific set of rules. I don’t need rules.”

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