The fight was close in the early rounds but Joe Joyce proved to be the better fighter at the end of the day. When Joyce throws punches, it looks slow but is effective.

Dubois also landed good punches but Joyce passed the chin test. Joyce’s chin showed that he can take a good punch.

Even though Joyce is the older boxer, the heavyweight division age prime is different compared to other divisions. Most pro boxers and media predicted Dubois to win the fight but at the end of the day, Joyce proved them all wrong.

Dubois was the faster and stronger boxer in the fight but he still lacked boxing experience. This fight will make him come back even better. He still has the potential to be the next boxing star, he is still young.

Joyce on the other hand may be ready to elevate his status and come for the major heavyweight titles.  Frank Warren even said that he respected Joyce and took the biggest risk for Dubois and it was indeed a huge risk.

In the fight, it was close but the game-changer was when Dubois’s eyes closed due to swelling. It made him no choice but to fall down. His vision on the other side is no more and if he continues he might take unnecessary damage.

In boxing, it is always better to prevent permanent damage, the boxers must always think of the fight as a marathon and not a sprint dash.



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