What are the features of the JetX slot? Firstly, you need:

Be sure to find and register on the open site PariMatch;

At the right point, stop at the Jet X slot;

Make JetX bet;

Decide on the amount of the contribution and put the plane into action.

Is a trial game allowed? Yes, there is a free version of JetX Canada. To start a full-fledged game and be able to bet for real money, you need to assess the risk and play the practice slot. It was created in order to experience a feeling of excitement, but at the same time not to lose your money.

When you start the start of the slot, you need to select the demo game key, click on it, and everything starts. Here you can find all the schemes and conditions of the game. Only after you make sure that you are familiar with all the nuances, you can bet real money. You will also learn about what Jet X is in the review at Parimatch Canada.

How to play JetX

Let’s get acquainted with the conditions of playing airplane games for real amounts in the casino and JetX strategy. During the launch of the equipment for the game, the participants get on the game matter. In this case, this is the runway where the plane starts its flight. Participants are allowed to make different contributions. You can start with the bare minimum.

At the beginning of the period, the airplane is rapidly rushing up. There are no height limits. This rate ranges from 0 to infinity. It can only be stopped by gas and plasma emissions coming out of the centers of astronomical objects. In this gamble, the goal of the player is to predict exactly when the plane will crash.

How to withdraw money from JetX

The airplane slot for real currency also includes the option of being able to withdraw money at all points that act as bank payment agents. Please pay attention to the auxiliary function “Automatically pick up.” Here you can create an upper indicator, reaching which the rate stops working on the machine, and the dividend falls on the player’s account.

Important to remember! Not taking into account the simple profits in the slot, the participants of the game have a chance to win an increasing jackpot, which is called the Galaxy Jackpot. It is awarded unexpectedly but subjects to certain rules: the deposit can be at least $ 1, and the coefficient is at least 1.5x before the participants finish the game.

This slot is attractive with growing multipliers for profit, but the risk of losing the plane remains throughout the game. In simple words, when the aircraft is in motion, the multipliers increase, but at the same time, the probability of its crash increases.

Therefore, the participant in the game must achieve a certain balance between the range of profit and the current danger. You can calculate your profit in the game using a simple formula: bet x multiplier coefficient. The participant wins if he takes his profit before the plane crashes. After that, the bet is irretrievably lost.

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