Conor McGregor is one of the most controversial athletes on the planet. Love him or hate him, he’s always in the news. He’s like a bad case of staph infection. McGregor will fight Donald Cerrone in February 2020. It’s going to be one of the most interesting fights of the year.

Many people criticise the Irishman because he’s been in trouble with the law so many. He still has two sexual assault investigations hanging over him, so doubt is justified. Meanwhile, he’s also been banned from driving and punched an old man in a bar. There are a couple more incidents but it’s been a chaotic year for him.

However,  one man who is a bit more forgiving of ‘The Notorious’ is Max Holloway. The featherweight champion respects McGregor as a fighter and the pair have even fought. Now he wants to remind the world that McGregor is only human and capable of making mistakes.

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Although Khabib Nurmagamedov despises McGregor, Holloway has no problem with him. The Irishman is notorious for his trash talk. It’s part of what captivated the MMA world on his rise to the top. However, in recent years he went too far by slandering Khabib’s religion and family. Holloway, though, has no problem with McGregor’s antics. He understands that it’s just business.

“The way he talks is business, and business is business,” Holloway said. “I understand that point of business with someone. There might be a point where you cross a line where it’s not business anymore and it gets personal but he never did that. He never crossed that line. That’s what I respect about him.

“We do jab back and forth but it’s just business. We’re not taking any real jabs at anything real crazy. We didn’t cross that line.”

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The featherweight champion accepts McGregor’s personality for what it is. Of course, he’s never had the Irishman compare his wife to a goat under a tea cloth. But he thinks that some of the criticism aimed at McGregor is unwarranted. The pair fought in 2013, with McGregor getting a dominant decision.

“He’s human just like all of us. He had some bad, unfortunate events happen,” Holloway said. “He was just doing the wrong stuff at the wrong time, and it sucks, but dude is human. That’s just it.”

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Next Up

It’s going to be a busy New Year for these two men. Holloway will look to defend his title for the fourth time against Alexander Volkanovski. That is a very interesting match-up. Will ‘Blessed’s’ relentless output be too much for ‘The Great?’ And if he does win, where does he go from here?

Meanwhile, McGregor has his fight against Cerrone. Despite the two men being ranked third and fifth respectively at lightweight, they’re fighting at 170lbs. This definitely adds a new dimension to the fight when many people thinking it could be what gives Cerrone an edge over McGregor.

It’s also worth noting that McGregor may consider this a warm-up for Jorge Masvidal. This will be an extremely exciting fight, with two knockout artists in action.

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