Ahead of BKFC 56 on December 2, Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez had a faceoff for their “King of Violence” title bout. The meeting ended with a few light punches both parties sent to each other alongside some insults, with Alvarez mocking Perry for still lacking a championship win in his career.

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The staredown of the two former UFC fighters was filled with insults, with Perry starting the trash talk by focusing on his opponent’s height.

“You’re so short,” Perry told Alvarez. “I’m so good at this boxing s***. I swear I’m so good. You don’t stand a chance.”

Despite this statement, Alvarez grilled Perry in the press conference by pointing out how the “King of Violence” title sounds unsuitable, given Perry’s position for having zero championships.

“If you happen to win, this will be your first title, right?” Alvarez said. “Because you’ve never won one. Never. Never had a belt. I was so happy when they made a belt, because I knew you can’t win one. This works out perfect for me.”

Alvarez kept his cool during the entire staredown but didn’t step back from throwing a middle finger after receiving a threatening punching fake from Perry. In the end, the two threw some stomach punches at each other to further spice up the event, which seemed to please the crowd.

The two will face each other to get the “King of Violence” title at BKFC 56 in Salt Lake City next month.

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