Less than a day of waiting left until the big fight. The “IRON” Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) is looking to get back in the ring for the first time since June 11, 2005. Mike Tyson weighed in at 220 lbs and looks in good fighting shape.

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One of the greatest pound for pound boxer, Roy Jones Jr. (66-9, 47 KOs) is also ready to give the fans a good show. He weighed in at 210 lbs. Some Fans think that Roy Jones Jr made the mistake of accepting the fight but he said that people doubted his boxing career but he is ready to prove them wrong once again.

Mike Tyson said that his strategy coming to the fight is that he will come to Roy Jones Jr. It is up to Roy if he wants to brawl or stay on the outside. It is going to be exciting what type of fight will play out.

It is also worth noting that the WBC has put up a belt for the fight, it won’t be anything major but it does give a material feeling of making it real.

For the co-main event, it features Youtube Star Jake Paul against former NBA player Nate Robinson. Jake Paul already has one pro boxing match in his resume and looked good winning. Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul. Paul is coming in heavier at 189 lbs.

Nate Robinson, though small for the NBA standard is a super athletic player. He won the NBA Slam Dunk Competition against some of the biggest guys in the NBA. Robinson is about to make his boxing debut.  He weighed in at 181lbs.

Another exciting fight is Badou Jack (22-3-3 13 KOs) against Blake McKernan. McKernan weighed in at 186.8 lbs while Jack weighed in at 188.4 lbs.

Badou Jack is a former world champion but is now coming off a back to back loss. He is looking to get back on the winning column.

Old boxing fans will tune in to see their childhood heroes, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr scrap one more time.

My prediction for the fight would be a slow start in the early rounds but will scrap in the last seconds of the fight. This is boxing anything can happen, we are gonna find out tomorrow night.

The Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson fight can potentially be an exciting fight, it can also attract non-boxing fans since both are really popular outside of boxing.

Jake Paul is a major youtube star that has already experienced the boxing game. Nate Robinson meanwhile is a freak athlete but basketball and boxing are not the same. Robinson looks to prove that he still can adapt to other sports.

Overall the card is popular enough to beat other PPV cards that have current champions due to the big names in the card. Mike Tyson is the main attraction for the card because of how famous and big his fan base is.

Roy Jones Jr looks to spoil the comeback by beating Tyson dominantly and proving to everyone that he should never be the underdog coming to the fight. On paper, he does have a better resume and just fought 2 years ago. It does not make sense that people are doubting him and calling it a mistake to accept the fight.



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