Nate-Diaz-3Innocent Enough

Although there is no evidence that what Diaz was actually holding is illegal of some sort, nor evidence that he actually smoked the blunt, he still needs to be a little more careful with what he posts on social media.

Diaz is holding out for a third deciding bout against Conor McGregor and says he ‘won’t do sh*t’ until he gets a rematch. If USADA continues to pry into his personal ‘activities’ however, Diaz may get penalized or even worse, suspended.snoop

With McGregor now leaning towards a lightweight bout against UFC champ Eddie Alvarez, Diaz will need to remain available for a potential third bout if he ever wants to get in the cage again with McGregor.


There are even rumors of McGregor facing retired UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre at UFC 205 in New York.

Following two back-to-back high-profile fights against McGregor, Diaz scored two massive, career-high paydays and is even more popular now than he ever was before.

If partying with Snoop Dogg backstage at one of his concerts is any indication of Diaz’ success, then the Stockton, CA native is definitely ballin’.

The Diaz brothers are known long-time advocates of Cannabis, and so is Snoop Dogg. Nevertheless, Diaz should stay away from Mary Jane, or at the very least, don’t broadcast it to the whole world.

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