Gina Carano is an MMA legend. She is also one of the very few fighters to transcend the sport as she has a successful acting career. However, some of her most recent exploits have irritated a few people. We’re looking at you, Renzo Gracie. Clearly, the man is made of stronger stuff than the rest of us.

After Dustin Poirier defeated Dan Hooker in a spectacular display of violence, Carano decided to make everybody forget about what they just watched. She immediately stole the show with a tasteful nude photo on Instagram. You would think that most heterosexual men would appreciate such material.

But Renzo doesn’t approve. We don’t think Carano will appreciate his comments, but he wasn’t shy in making them. Check out her post and his response below. It’s hilarious but terrible at the same time.


Carano stopped hearts with her incredible picture. In short, she demonstrated body positivity and confidence, while also reminding the world that you can be both strong and beautiful. There just aren’t many women in the world like this. She wrote:

“I find freedom sexy. I find freedom so sexy I can’t even explain it to you. You wake up every day and feel like you can do anything.”

Amen to that. Thank you for your service. Who has more stopping power? Francis Ngannou or Gina Carano on Instagram. It’s a close-run thing but we think Carano wins.


However, Renzo Gracie disagrees. The New York-based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend told her that she should put some clothes on. Despite the fact that fans were sure to criticize him for his words, he didn’t hold back. Gracie went straight for the jugular, telling her that she doesn’t need to get naked to be sexy. He tweeted:

“Put some clothes on… you don’t need it.. you are among the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.. That makes you unique.. there’s no need for sex pics… you are the most beautiful woman that walk around. Simple as that.”

We’re not sure who Gracie is married to, but obviously they’re doing something extremely well for him because the majority of social media just lapped the picture up.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY


Somehow, we doubt that Carano will care what Gracie thinks. She’s a successful actor, with recurring appearances in The Mandalorian. Carano also brings a level of grit and power to her physical performances because she was a real fighter. Although she might not win any Oscars for her performances, she’s a dedicated professional.

Her MMA record stands at seven wins and one loss. She was meant to fight Ronda Rousey in 2014, but it never materialized. Meanwhile, Cris Cyborg inflicted her only defeat in her final fight back in 2009. That’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of at all. She was still a beast.

Meanwhile, Gracie has a very successful academy in New York. The Brazilian has taught the likes of Chris Weidman, Al Iaquinta, and Matt Serra. Despite his conservative views, he’s a legend in the sport of MMA and BJJ. The
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