PIC: The GOAT Artem Lobov Raps Demands at 50 Cent

By Dazzler

MMA Legend Artem Lobov Has Sent a Message to 50 Cent… After Cutting Ties With the UFC, the GOAT is Looking for a New Home… Could Bellator be the Place? 

Artem Lobov is no longer fighting for the UFC after the promotion agreed to cut him at his request. The UFC doesn’t cut the GOAT, the GOAT cuts the UFC. After going 2-5 in the world’s biggest MMA promotion, Lobov decided the time was right to find a new home.

Initially, ‘The Russian Hammer’ rose to prominence through his association with Conor McGregor. As the Irishman’s training partner/portable punch bag, he ended up getting a shot on the Ultimate Fighter series and then called back as a wildcard.

Now he’s basically tweeting at every combat sports promotion on the planet, asking them to sign him. He’s even gone as far as sending a rap tweet at 50 Cent, asking the rapper to get him signed up to Bellator.

Sign Him Up

Bellator is the second biggest MMA promotion in the US, behind the UFC. They’re making massive gains in Europe and signed up a whole load of Irish and UK talent last year, with many set to make their promotional debuts on Saturday, February 23. Lobov is flirting with the promotion and tweeted at 50 Cent:

“Yo fifty @50cent
Them Bellator fighters are crafty and nifty
I want to be tested against them lot
Make me an offer worthy The G.O.A.T. @BellatorMMA”


Lobov has also sent messages to ONE and RIZIN, as well as BareKnuckle FC. The latter is rumoured to be very heavily interested in signing him. Basically, his association with McGregor makes it a near guarantee that the Irishman will attend at least one of his events, and that means drama. Lobov is also open to kickboxing. He wrote:

“K1 has always been on my radar, proper fights. Buakaw, Saenchai… Send them my way, it would be a huge honour to share the ring with them!”

Would you watch the ‘Russian Hammer’ if he switched codes? He’s also called out Amir Khan for a straight-up boxing match.


There’s another fighter out there though, who Lobov would fight anywhere on this planet. Zubaira Tukhugov is one of Khabib Nurmagamedov’s teammates and currently contracted to the UFC. The Chechnyan fighter is serving a one year ban for his role in the UFC 229 brawl. He also served a two-year suspension for failing a USADA test in 2016. Lobov is desperate to take on his fellow Russian and serve him up a slice of revenge. He told Ariel Helwani:

“I’m willing to fight Zubaira on whatever notice in any place in the world. This fight to me is not about money…it’s about respect and making it right.”

Tukhugov might as well just end it now. The GOAT is coming and that just won’t end well for him. It is believed that Chechnyan dictator Ramzan Kadyrov has offered to buy out Tukhugov’s contract and put the fight together, but Lobov doesn’t want to deal with a homophobic, psychopath warlord.