Surrounding UFC 205 in New York are a number of interesting possibilities. History will certainly be made in the form of the first UFC event in New York, but there’s more at stake. Standing on the brink of a record breaking win is Conor McGregor.

Currently holding the UFC featherweight belt, although yet to defend it, ‘The Notorious’ takes on Eddie Alvarez on November 12. Defeating Alvarez would make McGregor the first UFC champion to hold belts in two divisions at once. Breaking this record will not be easy, though.

McGregor Alvarez 3


McGregor vs. Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez claimed the 155-pound title with a seriously dominant win over Rafael dos Anjos in July. Smashing the Brazilian with a brutal flurry of strikes, ‘The Silent Assassin’ set the bar for the division. Hoping to squash the hype around McGregor, the former Bellator champion could also rain on the promotion’s parade too.

Making money is the main incentive for the UFC, and many fans don’t like that. Fellow fighters have also voiced outrage against McGregor leap frogging the top lightweight contenders. Defending the UFC’s decision to make Alvarez vs. McGregor at MSG, UFC president Dana White teased a ‘huge announcement’ from the Irishman after UFC 205.

Conor McGregor

Report: McGregor Will Announce Retirement

Speculation has raged on what Conor McGregor’s big announcement will be after UFC 205. The promotion has confirmed that ‘The Notorious’ will have to give up one belt if he beats Alvarez, and no doubt this would be the featherweight strap.

Essentially admitting they are giving Conor McGregor extra perks, the UFC has scored points with ‘The Notorious,’ but lost the support of many fighters elsewhere. According to The Sun Ireland, a source in McGregor’s camp has confirmed he will be retiring after UFC 205:

Sources close to the MMA star said the featherweight champ has decided the time is right to settle down with long-term love Dee Devlin, 28.

And it’s believed he wants to walk away from the fighting game with his stock at an all-time high, setting his sights on retiring both belts provided he wins at UFC 205.

After UFC 205 is the perfect time to start.

“He’s telling people he wants time out. It’s unlikely to be permanent, but the time is right to step back for a while.

“He knows that if he wins UFC 205 he can always come back in a year or two for a mega money fight.

“He could name his price. He’ll be back.”

Conor McGregor Retire


This wouldn’t be the first time Conor McGregor has been linked to an early retirement. Although the first time around was more in protest against the UFC, ‘The Notorious’ set the MMA world ablaze with one simple Tweet.

Walking away from the sport after UFC 205, win or lose, would certainly leave some very sour grapes in the 145-pound division. Stay with us for more updates on this situation.

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