Wanderlei Silva. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Congratulations BKFC, you’re just signed the most concussed man in combat sports… We hope you’re proud of yourselves…

In news that no combat sports fan should want to hear, Wanderlei Silva has signed for bare-knuckle boxing promotion BKFC. This makes him one of the most high-profile former MMA fighters to swap the cage for the squared-circle. This news is definitely going to create controversy amongst fan.

BKFC has expanded massively over the past couple of years. They are trying to occupy that niche space in fighting where you feel guilty for watching, but can’t take your eyes off the action. The likes of Artem Lobov, Paulie Malignaggi and Chris Ledel have all fought for the promotion.

Silva is a former PRIDE champion who has also fought for Bellator and the UFC. His signing is definitely one of the biggest by BKFC, but it doesn’t mean it should be something that they’re proud of. You can bet that they’ve got an eye on BJ Penn too.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Big Signing

The former PRIDE champion was knocked out in his last fight, by Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. He’s now 43-years-old and it probably won’t make many fans happy that he’s going to be fighting with no gloves. ‘The Axe Murderer’ has fought many wars and they’ve taken their toll on his body.

Indeed, Silva has admitted that he is displaying many signs of CTE. He only has one win in the last eight years, so it’s clear that he’s past his prime. Not that BKFC will care. Have you seen their president David Feldman? He makes Dana White look like Gandhi.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports


Elsewhere, BKFC will be getting Artem Lobov back in action this winter. ‘The Russian Hammer’ is one of the most recognizable fighters on their roster and has cult hero status. Lobov has defeated Jason Knight and Paulie Malignaggi so far. Lobov told The Mac Life:

“I will be fighting either end of November or early December, and it will be bare-knuckle. All the details will be released very soon because we’re still working at the moment on where it’s going to take place. We’re trying very hard to make it in Boston. I would absolutely love to put on a show for the Irish-Americans. What a great city that, is and I have a few Irish fighters in mind that could share the card with me.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports


Lobov is also interested in making his professional boxing debut. He called out Amir Khan in the past but now wants to rematch Malignaggi. He said:

“I’ve heard that he hasn’t stopped complaining, but if he wants another go, I would be more than willing. Let’s do it again. He can try it again. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on him and giving a few more digs. It’s something that I don’t think I would ever get sick of, so why not? Or if he doesn’t want to do it in the bare-knuckle, we can do it straight up boxing. Why not? Maybe me and him could be another fight, this time a real fight on the Logan Paul and KSI card.”

Let’s be real. Nobody wants to watch that. But we would.

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