The 22-year-old boxer has shown that he belongs with the top division. Although he has shown tremendous heart and skill, he still has flaws that could be exploited if he fights against the current Champions.

It was a back and forth fight, where Garcia eventually won with a vicious body shot that shut the body down of Campbell. In the second round, Garcia may have been in trouble as he got knocked down. Garcia responded well and get back up, given how he fell down the canvas.

Campbell never really went for the finish when he got Garcia hurt, it may have been because of Garcia’s strong power and counter-punching abilities. In the fifth round, Garcia landed his best punch yet a counter left hook that got Campbell hurt. It was the beginning of the end of Campbell

Garcia has already generated the data to beat Campbell. He then clipped Campbell a bunch of times and threw a flurry of punches. In the seventh round, Ryan Garcia eventually landed a body punch that ended the night. It was accurate, that Campbell cannot even get up even though he was conscious.

The fight showed that Garcia has a tremendous heart. A lot doubted Garcia saying that he lacks focus on the boxing game since he is very active in the social media game. He then told that it was part of generating money since he is a prizefighter after all. Getting back up in the second round and eventually winning the fight showed tremendous heart and will by the young boxer.

There were also flaws in his style that could lead to his downfall if he does not add a few tweaks. The most important thing he should improve is his defense, he is very hittable and if his opponent was a knockout puncher it would have been a long night for him. Fighters like Teofimo Lopez or Gervonta Davis have tremendous power for the division. They could turn the lights off with just one punch.

His stance also needs to adopt a little bit, he stands flat-footed and many boxers could exploit it easily. Going in for the finish, he did not seem composed and technical. He needs to pick his shots a bit more and be smart. He should not burn his arms out going for the finish. The boxer is still young and has a lot of room for improvement. Most importantly, he needs to listen to his corner’s advice as it could make his fight easier to win.

He falls in love with his speed too much that he forgets his defense often. Another fighter that has the same instinct is Amir Khan. Khan is known to have one of the fastest hands in Boxing but always forgets the defensive aspect that can turn the lights out anytime.

With this win, he becomes the interim WBC lightweight Champion. Devin Haney who has fought in the amateurs is the current WBC Champion. Haney has always wanted to fight Garcia even though he is the champion, due to Garcia’s huge following and popularity on social media. Haney wants to steal the hype train of Garcia.

It would be wise to have Garcia fight another opponent that is not a major champion yet as he might not be that ready to fight them as of this moment. He still needs more experience but his potential and talent is there.


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