Todd Duffee is vocal about his interest in fighting under PFL just to face Francis Ngannou. According to the former UFC heavyweight, the league has a lot of interesting fighters in the heavyweight division, offering Ngannou a lot of possible opponents. Duffee said he’d be interested in such an offer if given the chance.

Both fighters used to fight under the UFC, with Duffee having his last bout in the promotion in 2019, while Ngannou had his last fight in 2022. Now that both are no longer in the UFC, Duffee expressed his admiration for PFL’s recent moves to develop its MMA rosters better. That includes the addition of Ngannou, who’s still waiting for his first bout under his new company.

Duffee believes that it won’t be a problem for Ngannou in terms of choices due to several compelling names that PFL added to its heavyweight roster.

“I do think they have a lot of sexy matchups, but I love heavyweight fights, so maybe I see it differently,” told MMA Junkie Radio. “Both guys that fought last weekend would be amazing matchups for him. I think that in general, PFL has a good roster of heavyweights I would love to see Francis fight.”

If given the chance, the fighter said he’d be willing to grab the opportunity to face one of the best fighters in the industry, asking PFL to “please” sign him up for such a fight. 

“Oh, yeah, I’d love to, and I think they would give me that opportunity, too,” Duffee said. “I would love to do that. It’s a fun, exciting fight.

Right now, Duffee is still waiting to enter the stage after his bare-knuckle boxing debut this weekend with Ben Rothwell under BKFC was canceled and pushed to February. With this, the mixed martial artist is open to the possibility of taking fights from other promotion companies, including PFL, which he believes has the “coolest thing” to offer to fighters because of its tournaments.

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