Tony Ferguson deserves respect for many reasons. First of all, he’s got the longest active winning streak in the UFC lightweight division. It’s a run that stretches back 12 fights. With his brutal and eccentric fighting style, he’s one of the most difficult fighters to prepare for in the promotion.

‘El Cucuy’ also deserves kudos for the way he’s bounced back from mental health problems. The 10th Planet BJJ black belt had a rough 2018, which saw his wife take out a restraining order against him. However, he has bounced back from this in style. Now he’s on track for a title fight against Khabib Nurmagamedov.

The pair will headline UFC 249 in Las Vegas on April 18, 2020. It’s one of the most exciting fights of the past couple of years. Incredibly, this fight has fallen apart on five previous occasions. Ferguson believes that he’s already in Khabib’s head. Speaking on the Ariel Helwani show, he made his feelings very clear.

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Hunting Season

‘El Cucuy’ is stepping up the trash talk. He says that he doesn’t just want to beat Khabib; he wants to hurt him badly. The former interim lightweight champion is still aggrieved that he got stripped of his belt. In short, he wants revenge and taking out the seemingly unbeatable Russian would be one way to do that.

“I told everybody I’m going to make him p**s blood. I said that a while ago,” Ferguson said. “This guy has got an issue and his name is Tony Ferguson and I’m coming after him. It’s hunting season, baby.”

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No Chance

Ferguson is dismissive about Khabib’s chances. Despite being arguably the most feared opponent on the roster, ‘El Cucuy’ genuinely believes he’s going to win. However, Khabib has mauled all 27 men who have stood in front of him so he’ll be looking to do the exact same thing to Ferguson. He said:

“He’s just another opponent. I already beat that dude. I showed up to UFC 209 and I saw it in his face, I saw quit. So I called him out, called my shot and it worked. I’m in this dude’s head, he’s looking at me and he is going to be training so hard and be so nervous and he’s going to make a mistake. I am going to capitalize on that. I’m going to catch him during the scrambles. Scrambled eggs baby.”

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Go Watch Bellator

Meanwhile, if you think that this fight is cursed, Ferguson has a message for you. He doesn’t want to hear that and just wants to focus on his upcoming clash. In short, he doesn’t think you deserve to watch the UFC. ‘El Cucuy’ said:

“F**k no, you can stop right there. Don’t even get the fans going on that s**t. We’re going to set the pace right now – I want the encouragement. Fuck you, don’t watch this s**t, don’t buy our stuff. Go watch Bellator or some other bulls**t. Go find some knock-off copy of what he got going on here … this is the OGs, I’m the original genius right here.”

To sum up, we just want to wrap these two men up in bubble wrap until April. Finally, is this fight going to happen?

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