Top 20 Must-See UFC Fights Of The Past Decade

19. Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira vs. Yancy Medeiros

This was a crazy dog fight between two tough-as-nails competitors. Both had to battle through multiple moments of extreme adversity at UFC 218 in 2017. In the opening round, Oliveira hurt Medeiros with body shots early and then was dropped by a big punch that left his nose bleeding heavily. ‘Cowboy’ responded by putting Medeiros down twice in the minutes that followed. Oliveira had him wobbled more than once on top of that.

The second round was closely fought on the feet too but without the dramatic knockdowns. It did also include a very slick takedown reversal from Medeiros, who then landed some absolutely brutal elbow strikes. Oliveira started the final round strongly with good punches, a takedown, and taking his opponent’s back. But Medeiros reversed the position. When they got back upright, ‘Cowboy’ backed up against the cage exhausted. That led to Meideros unleashing a barrage of blows that finally sunk him to the mat for the TKO finish.

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