You Won’t Believe What The Mayor Of London Did To This Little Boy


The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is known for his crazy antics, but maybe next time he should keep it in check while visiting a group of Japanese school children….

We’re used to Boris Johnson’s nutty behaviour, the Mayor of London has a larger than life personality and can often be seen riding his push bike through the streets of the English capital. How can a man like this be in charge of London you ask? Funnily enough, he’s actually quite good at his job.

We’ve seen politicians mess up on camera before, and it’s mostly when they don’t stick to the golden rule; ‘Never work with animals or children.’ Those two factors can often lead to disastrous mistakes while being filmed, and today was no exception.

While on a visit to Tokyo, Japan, the 51-year old Mayor Johnson visited a group of school children playing street rugby. While trying to make a good impression for the locals and paparazzi in attendance, Johnson drops the ball big time.

It’s simply Boris Johnson being Boris Johnson. An eccentric man in a position of power making a bit of a jackass out of himself. The stunned onlookers tell the whole story, but does it have a happy ending?

So what did Johnson do to catch the attention of the worldwide web in this way? If you click over to the next page, you can see the video that’s going viral across the globe.

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