This video is just sad. First of all, we should be concerned about Mike Perry. The former Jackson-Wink fighter is making some strange choices these days. Fans casually dismiss this as just being “Florida” behavior, but it’s clear that all is not well in the world of “Platinum.”

He is known to be a bit unhinged but the latest incident involving the UFC welterweight is particularly disappointing. This time he got into a restaurant fight and made an absolute idiot of himself. In short, this footage emerges not long after his victory over Mickey Gall.

However, that fight is most notorious because of the involvement of his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez. Gonzalez cornered Perry even though she’s got no experience. She is also visible in this clip, trying to restain her fighter/boyfriend. Check out the ridiculous clip below. Knowing the UFC he’ll probably get a stake.


The video is horrible to watch. Perry makes a ruckus in a restaurant where several patrons attempt to escort him outside. However, he does not react well to this and gets into an increasingly vocal verbal confrontation with an older man. He roars at them to call the police and one of the men vocally mocks his pronunciation of the word.

Then Perry explodes and says “Did you touch me?” He continues in this vein, repeating the words several times. Finally, as he reaches the exit, he swings a right hand and drops the older man. This causes a massive uproar. Perry sits down and shouts like a child and attempts to blame the man for touching him.


It is ludicrous because he is a trained MMA fighter competing at the highest level. Perry literally assaulted a man in public on camera. Then he turned his attentions towards his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez. As you can hear, Gonzalez was not impressed with his actions at all. She tried to calm him down throughout the incident but was unable to prevent him from exploding.

Finally, she lets rip after he hits the man, vocally criticizing him as any stable human being would do. Perry doesn’t react well to this either. He repeatedly says “B**ch you ain’t on my side.” Somebody needs to get the man some help because this just isn’t right. It’s a far cry from earlier in the week when he bought her a new car.


Perry also lets off several N-bombs, not realizing that we’re in the 21st century. Meanwhile, he had no remorse because he later tweeted about the incident. He wrote:

If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you. Social distancing says you gotta stay 6 feet away from us. You come in my bubble you getting Sparta kicked in the nuts and f**kin stone cold stunnered b**ch !

Of course, Perry isn’t the first UFC fighter to punch an older man in a bar. Conor McGregor made headlines last year after doing the same thing in Dublin, Ireland. However, unlike Perry, he showed remorse – at least in public. Where will Perry go from here?

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