Mike Perry Hit With Class A Assault Charge After Old Man KO

By Darren
Mike Perry Hit With Class A Assault Charge After Old Man KO

Mike Perry is in hot water after a disgraceful incident in Lubbock, Tennis. The UFC welterweight dropped an older man on the way out of a restaurant following a verbal altercation. It’s a terrible look for the athlete who has made headlines for his controversial and increasingly erratic behavior in recent weeks.

Perry was with his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez in the restaurant called Table 82. It’s unclear what exactly triggered the incident but he had allegedly drunk several berry mojitos before he went crazy on camera. Then he had a verbal row with several people inside the venue before throwing a vicious punch.

Check out the clip below of the incident. Perry faces several charges following the assault. Meanwhile, the UFC has maintained its silence so far, pending an investigation. They may just ignore it or cut him depending on the extremity of the outcome. In sum, Perry does not make life easy for himself.

Right Hand

As you can see from the clip above, Perry embarrasses himself in front of the world. Police charged him with Class A assault, which requires him to show up in court. They did not arrest Perry but questioned him at the scene. The outcome could be anything from a fine to jail time.

‘Platinum’ recently defeated Mickey Gall in a welterweight clash in Las Vegas. This fight was most notable for the fact that his new young girlfriend Latory Gonzalez was in his corner. Despite lacking a qualified MMA coach, Perry still did enough to win the fight. In short, that says a lot about Mickey Gall’s level. He clearly is obsessed with this young woman because he also bought her a new car recently.

No Comment

TMZ pressed Table 82 for comment. The restaurant confirmed that Perry left without paying his tab and also that they were considering pursuing a theft charge. However, they refused to discuss the assault. A spokesperson said:

“Pending the criminal investigation, we prefer not to comment further because one of the victims was an employee of our company who had asked Mr. Perry to leave.”

To be fair, it’s probably good advertising for them because now every MMA fan knows about the restaurant. But you can’t assault random waiters, even if they do have slow service. We’re kidding but not really.

Bad Look

This is a time where the UFC will hope to avoid controversy. Company President Dana White seized the moment to push the sport to the front of the ESPN agenda. Perry has a wild reputation but he is not Jon Jones or Conor McGregor. If they want to make an example out of somebody, then he is the level of fighter that they would target.

‘Platinum’ used racial slurs and sent an older man to the hospital. That’s just not acceptable from an elite MMA fighter. Some people speculate that he is showing signs of CTE. However, there is no confirmation of that at this moment in time. However, Perry definitely needs some help because he’s going down a dark road.