UFC Champion Fights Real Life Ninja In MMA

By Salvador Sanchez
UFC Champion Fights Real Life Ninja In MMA

This UFC champion never turns down a fight, and when a ‘real life ninja’ showed up to challenge him, things get real ugly. Watch what happens when they enter the cage…..

Former UFC and WEC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has been widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters for years now.

Known as ‘The Dominator’, Cruz has beaten the division’s best since his pro debut in 2005, and he has become famous for his superb footwork in the octagon.

Few knew about his fight against a self proclaimed ‘Ninja’ until this week, and the video of that sparring session has gone viral since being reposted.

The video shows Cruz’s team mates joking about a Ninja hiding like spiderman all day, but when he shows up things get very heated.

You’d think Cruz might have gone easy, but maybe the head kicks from the guy pissed him off a little.

Watch the fight on the next page, as they go at it with full MMA rules and no head gear….